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Workplace skirt in special elegant feeling

Makeup is delicate, seems to be smart and capable, women in workplace are always elegant. Is it the natural beauty, or acquired to develop? As the ancient words, you can have nice temperament. Quickly follow the wholesale women clothing to catch fashion.

01 Large round neck showing a deep clavicle and beautiful neck lines, close to the tailoring wrapped in slender waist and smooth buttocks curve, such a good and graceful posture, no one can resist it. Silver beads be pieced together from the dentate pattern, in the waist and abdomen staggered interspersed, which is fashionable enough to be eye-catching.

02 Off collar makes the neck lines become much more slender. Puff sleeve is noble as sweet princess’s temperament. Black ribbon belt around the lap waist splits out the perfect body ratio, the three-dimensional braided black roses is blooming arrogantly.

03 It seems combined together from the chiffon shirt, one-step skirt and belt with three pieces of a dress, but in reality it’s an one-piece dress. Having the vertical wrinkles is so elegant, color white to gray gradient, with the black skirt appears to do pave the way. Bowknot belt is an elegant embellishment, the overall temperament reaches to a higher level.

04 Sleeveless vest style dress is narrow shoulder lady’s favorite, narrow shoulder in its dress under the decoration but is not obvious to be too thin. Beading and light gray chiffon splicing are soft with a trace of tough temperament.

05 Pure black slim skirt with a glossy fabric is very nice. Extending the shoulder line, enhancing the waist line, so that the contours of the body becomes clear and perfect, which is very thoughtful design.

If the sandals are too ordinary, nothing character can have

For women, the summer is nothing more than three treasures: wear skirts, eat ice-cream, put on a pair of sandals to run on the streets. To July, the former two should have been almost the same experience, only sandals come lately, it is too unpleasant experience. Fortunately, the current style is full of magic, propped up the overall dress to play the personality.

01 The reason why using such a serious tone to describe it, it is because of the special status of sandals. As a seemingly insignificant burden of the existence of the key, in addition to ensure the necessary comfort, the quality of the wholesale high heel shoes do not drag each other, or how be qualified to capture the heart.

02 How far the distance between the two shoes, you can decide by the walking mileage. I believe in the ordinary wage earners of the life of women, every day wearing the high heels in running away could be very few. The reason is self-evident, it is too tired . So the sandals should become a popular choice, casually without any pressure.

03 Saying the trendy, there comes the trendy. Sequins is the best proof. Although most of the time, the impression of sequins are still staying in the vulgar and related to the inherent impression, but still can not deny its inherent glittering characteristics, it comes with light, youth is to have such a nice feeling.

04 On the white color, women know the best design to match it, both to meet the need about the smooth blood circulation of foot, but also play a role in the modification of the legs line. Accompanied by embellished tassels, which is so generous.

05 Some sandals have the appearance of gorgeous, but it is full of suffering “hell” inside, wearing it is not grinding feet but is a variety of uncomfortable feeling. And some have the surface of ordinary without any decoration, but is playing a “paradise”, it will be fortunate to have this sandals.

How to choose pants to make legs be slim

Wholesale women clothing, especially the elastic slim feet pants, for the modification of the leg lines is essential. Stretch the fabric can make your legs look to be particularly compact, from the full hips down, along the thigh outline of the beautiful lines, until the calf part, there is an unspeakable sexy meaning in reverie.

01 Striped trousers has always been very thin, it is recognized that there is no difficulty to control trousers in striped design. Those designs for the leg-type modification is in place, vertical stripes from the top to the slender lines, these lines as if full of vitality. In general, emphasizing your sexy slim legs lines is such an easy thing.

02 Trousers can also shape quite upturned buttocks. Buttocks and legs are partners, the most beautiful leg type must start from the nice buttocks. Many trousers have the effect of nice shape, as this flower printed trousers, also adds the fragrance of floral, it is really seductive.

03 Pantyhose is the most important form of making the legs be slim as much as possible, unlike the denim fabric of pants to show all the curves, pants in the loose basis of the design, you can openly cover the leg’s disadvantage. Army green pants, in fact, which is much more picky, need to have enough pressure to get the elegant feeling in order to achieve the purpose of eye-catching trendy.

04 Loose pants is the behalf of the general, almost the same as the lantern pants, having big fat trousers, but because the trousers did not close up the overall visual effect is quite different. Jeans accompany us for many years, this time changing the appearance of the show, the contrast color is obvious, and only young people can make such a jeans convinced.

05 Slit wide leg pants, in addition to meet the needs of the summer temperature, but also to meet the woman’s elegant smile on the skirt. Stripes and geometric applications hit the color of the Bohemian feelings, even the most simple T-shirt can make you happy in spring and summer.

Tassel plays different fashion

Women are no strange for tassels, and even can be said to be very familiar with the wholesale clothing decorated by tassels, at the same time, for its impression is also very fixed, which is the clothing has a few long lines of tassels flying in the wind. Today, the tassels play a new fashion, having surprise level bursting.

01 Put a row of expression, tie the colorful tassels together, and then decorate with three-dimensional bead, the clothing is forming a small team, when the team appears in the orange sweater, there has been a three-dimensional bead rainbow tassel fashion visual sense, I really like it.

02 The classic combination of black and white, of course, will appears in the new shape, but with the way of the performance will be another matter. In the black sweater the white tassel is like a pearl curtain, using well-designed v-collar slit and white tassel pendant decoration, showing a different kind of retro beauty.

03 We often see printing T-shirts in our daily life, there is nothing new thing of it. Well, if matching with the black stitching and chest tassel is a completely different style. A plume of tassels like a layer of mysterious veil, so that the printing presents a looming hazy beauty.

04 Undeniably, the new shape of the tassels is really very chic, but there are also a number of tassels being used into the hem. Well, in the new shape the tassel also appears in the hem position, but there are still small surprises. Weaving a curtain of the diamond shape, and then letting it lay down, the tassel is so soft and fashionable.


The mysterious of perspective clothes

In the autumn days ,we need some thin cheap clothes from China to wear ,not need too much complex ,just the simple style will enought.So in this moment, maybe many people will think of see-through shirt. Nowadays ,the more and more people are interested in perspective element, It is very popular in the fashion world .

The perspective sexy top shirt aways include many element. For example,lace hook flower, mesh stitching, lotus leaf element, beaded embroidery…The designers often use this fashion element into see-through shirt, show that perspective material more sweetly and sexy. Maybe someone will say it is very hard to match,but if you try this style, i guess you will become unique lady.

Before ,i have saw some perspective lace dress, It is very charming for the girls. Whether long or short, perspective lace skirt is the first choice for many girls, when you wear it show you cool with a bit sexy.This style will more suitable for mature female. Cos that elegant temperament and connotation is the necessary to wear such clothing.

We all women very love the indistinct sexy,but many eastern person is ashamed to expose the large area skin in outside, the perspective shirt just conform to our requirements.

You also can take a render bra wear inside ,this is the fashion new match .show more sexy ,if you wear see-through shirt ,it can take you more breathable and cool feeling in the sweltering days.

Also have some dress joint lace and emboridery on the fabric, this combination element can product many surprising effects. Let the perspective fabric take more sweet atmosphere. when you get a lace perspective top, you can match with pure color shorts to wear, and i advised the girls can fold their blouse into shorts. that the legs will looking longer.

Anyhow, It is very necessary to wear see-through blouses on the life. It can low-key to show our sexy charming. Some very confidence girls can try to wear, maybe it will take some surprise for you and you will found aother beautiful yourslef. Hope every girl will be a fashion lady.

Silk fabric matches with mind

Having soft and smooth touch, the appearance of the cheap clothes from China can be so noble and elegant, while both having the functions as moisture absorption and good performance, so silk fabric is much favored by women. Whether it is silk dress or silk shirt, and even small silk towels have a sense of status that can not be ignored.

01 Black silk fabric has been full of noble mystery, gold pattern embellishment will be luxurious and elegant of gorgeous clothing. High waistline A-type hem stretches body proportion in slim feeling very well, nice temperament and nice figure be together to make you be so lovely. Applying v-neck collar effectively elongates facial lines, you can also have an enviable little v-line face .

02 Light gray in silk dress, having a touch of color to set off the skin to be delicate and clean, not to mean that only snow-white skin can cover ugly disadvantage of your face, but the clean skin also has a good cover ugly effect. Pure and innocent appearance is memorable. Dimensional weaving flowers and embroidery decorate with bead decoration are shining.

03 Silk dress is elegant and graceful with the respect, with a certain accumulation of quality it will be such a high-quality fabric against the other clothing. Black tone convergence effect is outstanding, orange color is bright and light, the combination of the two colors will be a significant effect to the extreme. Having lantern-shape sleeves can emphasize your slender arm.

04 The thin and soft silk has a certain nice quality feeling by velvet stitching, noble mysterious temperament makes others see your fashionable taste. The outline of the three-dimensional tailoring, clever using the montage effect will cover a small shortcoming, strong charming temperament also gets sublimation in this kind of line. Light purple and pale pink stripes depict a gorgeous dividing line.

Using vest to show the nice body shape of you

In this hot summer, wearing a simple vest, and then matching with the basic wholesale women clothing of the short pants, you can come out of the European casual style very well. In this period that T-shirt and dress have been seized half of the summer time, the appearance of simple vest with its own unique cool feeling limelight itself very well. For the summer, you both want to wear in breathable feeling, and want to wear clothing appropriately, then you should prepare several different styles of vest, I believe you will find a new way of dressing.

01 Chiffon and yarn of the light design will be inadvertently let people have a dream-like feeling. Embroidery and beading make perfect fusion with each other, especially in the special design of color, when it places in the waist, you will pay much more attention to the sexy slim waist. Short section of the design makes the waist have the looming lines, which is full of imagination.

02 If you want to be a fashionable woman when walking in the street, without a hip-hop style vest is absolutely not a good idea. Looking carefully, it is not difficult to find out that funny pattern often hides a kind of American cold humor. Seeing this blonde girl, we can not help but think that she is fear or joy. It seems that a simple vest is enough to cause a successful attention of the passer-by .

03 Sleeveless vest in strap’s design is equal to be sexy very much. You have the nice body shape then you are sure to show it as much as possible. In this beautiful period of the age, it should be like a beautiful bloom like flowers, wearing nice clothing in the best year, life will not leave regret.

04 Each girl’s heart lives with an angel, but often hiding their own invisible wings, these wings will always be useful in need. Inner warmth and sincerity is the mysterious power of opening wings. So, do not be afraid for our invisible wings will eventually release the endless energy, fashionable vest is the best choice to let you release the wings anytime, and you will eventually fly to your own sky.

Wearing suitable skirt not afraid of fashion

Suits is the easiest way to be fashion without thinking, girl has no experience of the use of color is really lucky to have this kind of Korean clothes wholesale. What’s more, the best way to buy short skirt is to purchase two-piece dress, but to remember, clothes and skirt’s style is both complementary , side by side, but also have their own unique irreplaceable landscape.

01 Fashion will not be purple only to please the oriental girl, but it has a fatal temptation to those cute ladies. A glimpse of this year’s mainstream color is not difficult to find that elegant and classic level of purple will become a hot fashion in the next year, there is gorgeous diamond-studded retro, so that a variety of purple win the love of girl’s wear fashionable list.

02 The choice of short skirts in a certain extent depends on the style of daily wear, so to create a wild section, but all-matching style does not mean that it can be bland, on the contrary, it should be with the shirt with a beautiful transformation. Prerequisites must be simple and characteristic.

03 Choosing skirt is not suitable for blindly chasing popular clothing, but should be fully consider their own temperament and body restrictions, since can be called popular, it will be suitable for most people, which is not just competitive pressure. If it is easy to reveal the taste of mediocre and lack of personality, even if it is similar model, can still highlight the difference.

04 Style showing needs professional input, the prevalence of national style has the feeling of fashion not only a preference for a certain cultural tastes, but also is deeply benevolent personality release, individual shows professional charm, in the national suit and style of the selection, abandoning its understanding of the connotation and color is too plain, the wear should not be general.

05 For those women who love the popular style, we must bear in mind the fashionable proverb that “buy one piece of clothing is enough”. Popular point of view is to buy only in the counters, do not buy clothing in high imitation. With the quality assurance , even is the popular model, can make it easy to see its taste is not normal.

Witty dot is funny

In the large area rich colors, there is a need for some playful and fresh designed elements. Like sour bitter coffee plus one or two candy, adding a strong sense of sweet taste . Nifty dot in wholesale women clothes is a good choice to break the boring feeling about the season, reducing the facial age and bringing different joy from the autumn melancholy mood.

01 Fresh and pure green color matches with the dark blue background to highlight the sweet feeling. The spring will be vigorous and vitality. Showing the fruitful autumn side by side. Thin section of the material, you can wear it in the fall alone, you can also wear it in the winter, it is wild and practical. Cute dots match with high waist dress is the sweet design for young age.

02 Nifty dot combines with the owl cartoon image just like the personally woven sweater by mother, which is full of childlike and love. Irregular dots are scattered in every corner of the clothing, as if one after another insects with the sound weaving a fantasy dream. Light blue, beige, gray and a small amount of red are still fresh and soft.

03 The clothing made by cotton that is scattered with dots seems to be like the feeling that people have a walk in the sun mottled forest. It is full of plant’s fragrance mixed with faint fragrance of the fresh air. Puff sleeve matches with a simple round neck, revealing a well-behaved beautiful girl’s temperament.

04 Fresh and sweet white dot has a certain expansion effect, which is suitable for girl in slim body shape to avoid wearing a thin feeling of malnutrition. Low waist with fold skirt highlights hip curve, it is generous and elegant. Hollow lace and small lapel is well-behaved design.

Clothing In Sweet Design Is Wonderful

I always believe that the light color in wholesale clothing symbolizes the pure nature’s element. Light blue, for example, just like the endless sky blue of the sky, which is clean and clear. Light green, for instance, just like the lively newly born grass, which is nifty and innocent. The annoyance in the hot summer season seems to disappear easily with this and that light colors.

From the perspective of colors, denim blue belongs to blue color, but according to the function, it belongs to the basic color. There is a denim blue in light blue color, which is easy-matching and sweet. Using basic chiffon shirt matches with the light denim blue color can show the female elegant and confident sides exhaustively.

Keeping the natural feeling of the light color, the clever designer show the texture sense of wholesale women clothes through the delicate lace fabric, in the transparent fabric the clothing is showing a slim body line. Having a nice body shape then you should not miss the nice designed clothing to emphasize the slim feeling of yours.

Dots designed pattern in clothing could be simple but very charming. Typical dots are fashionable for decades. It is lovely, and can also reduce the facial age of yours. Clothing in soft fabric with dots printed pattern is necessary for the wardrobe.