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A ray of light to see the spring so charming

Have to admit that our ability to respond is always a half beat, only just feel the summer is also good, it has come to an end. Fortunately, wholesale dresses in time for us to show the colorful new world, or the lonely for a while. Compared with summer clothes, autumn clothes win in that ray of light.

01 Dress is the first exposure to the light of the field, they quietly in some of the details of the change, so that they will not be forgotten. Lantern sleeves stitching, lace of the permeability makes you feel how many points to have it? Fold into the waist into a just right of the embellishment, so light does not forget to be elegant.

02 It’s not the season of dressing chiffon fabric, knitting but will not say any decline, they begin to let the lush willow and the sky, do not want to wait until the autumn really begin to prepare. Hollow is the premise of light, large hem of the skirt wants to do something different is not difficult to friends.

03 A white shirt is the best match with the autumn, there is a simple student era, you can also have a neat workplace. When the shirt stitching lace, we should enjoy the same season to show friends. Pure white background does not require any embellishment, just let the lace of light on the one.

04 Jump off the heavy lace feeling, even if with the full lace cover will not break the lace inherent light texture, not to mention there are so soft color. The design of the skirt is graceful, challenging the people who wear clothes enough to be confident, and why have we ever given up?

05 In fact, light is not necessarily elegant but can not show heavy visual effects. Lace can be in the delicate and elegant between the ease, you can change between the brisk and solemn, the flowers do not rely on the color of the proportion of the collision, just rely on the release of the angle of dress.

06 Even if it is pure color, the material can also show a different sense of hierarchy. Such as the European organza yarn stripes, from top to bottom to build a large lapel of wonderful feeling. Pure red in the material under the embellishment reveals a few flashing texture, do not follow the trend, to be the best of their own, let the skirt accompany you.


Buy clothing according to fresh and simple matching

Pure white shirt is popular in autumn wear, we all love it. If it has long two pink tender rabbit ears, the heart will be touched. Buy new wholesale women clothes to be rational, fresh and simple is the daily necessary thing.

01 Is the shirt comes with spring? It seems that the rules and regulations are free and easy. Section of the placket dotted with three-dimensional cartoon brooch, the body of the printing is full of fun. Such a shirt even if only take a light-colored jeans can also be invincible youth.

02 Simplicity is not equal to monotonous, fresh and elegant feeling with a smart style will be able to light the entire field of vision. Pure color of the shirt is snow-white, lace is like the curvature of the wind, the same color among the layers of the shirt to become special, sweet retro look like to play endless imagination.

03 Green is vibrant, rose red is beautiful and tender, loose sweater with short paragraph bat-sleeve design, profile full of sense. Love the bubble printing all over the body, touch is three-dimensional. Short paragraph sweater and the same set of high waist skirt is appropriate.

04 Light-colored denim is suitable for sunny spring, light-colored denim pants, whether it is matching with the casual shirt or a nice guy can easily deduce. Hole plus high waist and straight design is charming.

Look at the beautiful surprise of clothing from the point and line

2017 year the spring and summer New York fashion show gives us a strong visual shock, from the point of the fine rules, the line of enchanting soft, colorful three angles to convey the beauty of our clothing wholesale, the following we understand the dotted line to give us a surprise.

01 Small box to pass the point of the beauty, may use a variety of forms of expression, embroidery and hollow are nice. Through the two layers of fabric superimposed and the outer fabric of the square tailoring, the inner layer of fabric color exposed to form a fine dot pattern, coupled with super-profile and modern yellow-green, it became fashionable equipment that people must choose.

02 Dots, there are big and small dots, hollow tailoring shows a fine point-like, and embroidery printing scattered distribution also formed a big point of feeling. Exquisite embroidery flowers, crisp with a type of fabric, waist is thin version of the type, lovely sweet doll collar, is a lot of women dream of clothes.

03 Hollow printing is not enough, the letter printing to join in the fun! When the most primitive wavelet points and the combination of letters, dotted in the navy jacket, personalized fashion, highlighting the campus girl’s youth vitality feeling, regardless of shopping, or sports wear, are extremely appropriate.

04 A dark sleeveless suit wagons, serious and mature, adding some stripes embellishment, without affecting the original sense of professionalism at the same time it is a low-key add a bit of personality and fashion, gestures between the modern atmosphere of European and Chinese chic style.

05 Stripes and wave points every time in the clothes, are their main characters, but this time staged a fashionable show. To stripes as the protagonist, dots as a supporting role, to the professional shirt to bring a great surprise, the office queen of the fashion is none other than you.

The first choice of these clothes in beautiful season

The temperature is getting more and more pleasant, the scenery is being more and more beautiful, warm sunshine and elegant flowers are people heart up out of the outdoors strong desire, it is also waiting for the action up, choose a sunny day, hanging with three or five friends, but also do not forget to carefully select out for the activities of the wholesale women clothes, when the time to take pictures, easy to embrace the nature, very comfortable.

01 Do not have to consider skirts, to travel is easy to produce too much inconvenience, the impact of our appreciation of the good mood on the spring is too bad, full of vigor and vitality of the baseball coat is no doubt very suitable for travel, tender pink and pure white collision , girl’s lovely atmosphere from the inside to the outside distribution.

02 Denim jacket, of course, is also a good choice, the classic image of the generous people, can not pick any wrong aspect, coupled with the print pattern, the neutral feeling reduced so much, more sort of tenderness and nifty, roll up a sleeves approach can also learn from it, and instantly become very western style.

03 Denim straps born to give people feel infinite and youthful romantic feeling, within the ride with you to pick, whether it is shirt or T-shirt, sweater or cardigans, are so kind, wild single product is always able to make people most vividly to play the ability to dress up, only being various can you create fresh feeling.

04 Do not want to bury the figure curve, the waist of the design of the sweater can highlight the moving waist, relax at the same time did not forget to show slim figure, both sides of the button to break the boring feeling, after all, bright spring is coming, a little more beautiful of the decoration is not exaggerated.

05 Spring sweater is like a small cotton jacket in the winter as intimate and warm, gentle fabric behind and even ease the effect of prudence, bathed in the spring under the sun, free to breathe and run, sweater becomes a unique landscape.

Sexy off shoulder, build the key to the swan neck

Swan neck, elegant and confident synonymous with a beautiful slender neck lines in bringing good temperament at the same time, but also allow us to harvest beautiful, what is the key to create a beautiful swan neck, bear the brunt of the off shoulder collar. Let us look at the sexy off shoulder collar, feel their unique sense of temperament.

01 It is such a small dew look, is not it looks more slender and beautiful? The truth is only one, this is the off shoulder collar to bring the visual effects. There is no cover of the wholesale Korean clothing so that the neck extends out of the curve of the swan neck.

02 Sometimes an off shoulder bare neck lines, not only a sexy taste, to find the right with the elements, they are synonymous with youthful vitality. Light stripes color, fresh shirt style, to be a vibrant youth girl.

03 Said the sexy off shoulder is the key to build the neck of the swan, not the subjective imagination, but there is a beautiful example to do proof, see this dress, elegant style pleat, gentle lotus leaf, and off shoulder and neck is the most romantic style.

04 Swan princesses are elegant and confident, want to have a swan neck you naturally have such temperament. So the advantage of the shoulder shows up, as long as you slightly straight back, princess-like self-confidence to come out of the elegant style.

05 Red color, lace, an off shoulder collar, platforms shoes cheap, all belong to the elements of a woman together, it made this beautiful dress, charming is undoubtedly its style, elegant swan neck is its generous gift, beautiful because of it.


Dressing leisurely, seeing the time and space to reverse

Let the time pass slower in their own body, leaving the impression of the passed year to be slow, perhaps in sight of the inadvertently, youth is still like a sunny gorgeous sun, beloved he still be there for you, I do not know this is how many girl’s common dream, wandering in the dream and between reality, the most practical to play nothing more than the love of leisure, leisurely waiting for time and space reversal in proper wholesale dresses and cheap platform shoes.

01 Youth reversal of the first move, is like a little girl like to re-love the cocky and crazy world, as if the eyes of each flower is necessary in the fairy tale, and she is the dream story of the romantic protagonist, passion makes youth frequently look back reluctant to slip away.

02 Do not let the mature too grow so fast, at least to keep the pure light of this off, like the blue and white striped shirt, which is fresh and visible , The white background is the same declaration of youth.

03 Rebellious is the course of the youth that must go through, even if the passage of time, goodbye that little personality insolent, or could not help but send a sentence that you haven’t grown up, skirt background gradient blooming and worn off, as if a small child’s whim, do not believe that graffiti is the destruction of experts.

04 Poetic art in the girls can not only live in the dream, the real point should be more like a pair of light in the light of the graceful clothing, with gold edge like a very skirt on the leaves of the vines, elegant temperament with any denim fabric once makes the style be uninhibited, at the moment only wish to be delicate and charming.

05 Remember the day of wearing a pair of denim pants? This question with the existence of a sense of plaid shirt can have a fight, a very dramatic positioning, doomed patch and all the holes are only youth marks.

Overturn mediocre! The summer short sleeve should be wear in this way

In addition to sunscreen, summer basic wholesale clothes are not related to long sleeves. Most of the time in the hot season, short sleeves and sleeveless are the best choice. All kinds of short sleeves do not seem to have difference, but do the girls really know how to pick the right short sleeve? Do not underestimate it.

01 One of the common styles of short sleeves is a small flying sleeve, almost in the sleeveless style can only cover the shoulder, the degree of cover of the arm is basically zero. In this case, the arm with a little meat should choose a knitted cardigan.

02 The most popular style is just to reach the upper half of the length of the arm, as long as the shoulders and arms of the lines will not be too fat because of the formation of a clear hair of the arc, you can keep calm and put on it. Thanks to the fat, you can pay attention to the time to buy cuffs around.

03 Arm is easier to decide the first impression about fat and thin part of the body than the legs, even if the waist is not so general in the sense of thin, but also give a weight illusion that the body is absolutely so light. Therefore, the arm and butterfly sleeves, have to take advantage of the clothing to be chic as much as possible.

04 Yarn and lace hollow part, and the color of the body is basically the same, to maintain the overall unity. Hollow part of the visual appearance of a transparent feeling, and the clothing need to cool each other in the tailoring. At the same time because of looming hidden feeling, but also make the fat feeling becomes invisible.

05 Dress and T-shirt is the most popular clothing for short sleeve design, compared to commuter or casual all kinds of skirt coat, sportswear is very low-key. Lace short sleeve used in sports suits, lively and playful style also incorporates a bit elegant atmosphere.

And finally get the denim jacket for cool autumn

Denim fabric is enough tall and straight with strong personality makes it difficult to ignore its existence among Korean clothes wholesale, even though there are a lot of summer denim vest can choose for yourself, vest and other tops a single product to choose from, but after the beginning of the weather to be immediately cool, does your denim jacket get ready?

01 Can not extricate myself fall in love with the denim skirt with the free, easy feelings that can be presented at the same time, just like the afternoon baked cake with sweet and fresh feeling, which is memorable. Even has the pear-shaped figure of the body, the girl can also use the dress and denim fabric pairing to deduce the fashion, wear the thin and slim appearance.

02 Short section of the release of the denim jacket has exquisite sense of selflessness, giving the feeling of being detached seems to even a word does not want to say that this happens to be in the skirt. The sleeves rolled up can be much more handsome; all the sleeves down, we can see well-behaved feeling.

03 To identify the denim fabric’s personality, from the metal buttons and jeans color can be self-identification. If want to be more cute and gentle, light-colored jeans is the first choice. With the same fabric soft succulent floral dress, the sweet and lovely feelings can come out naturally.

04 Hand-nail beads full of front and rear shoulder position, add the personality of the denim coat into the sense of weight, enhance the sense of existence, but the denim jacket is not so bulky and burly, on the contrary, the shoulder line carefully to maintain a narrow width, and choose the light color of the dress for accompany, but not enchanting charming, I feel the exquisite feminine.

05 Superb national style embroidery craft in the denim jacket on the show, but not dazzling colorful colors, leaving only the unique style of taste to render. Cool handsome jacket still retains the waist of the vest line design, even to show masculinity of the style, have to keep the beauty of the figure.


Denim short jacket is the best opening in autumn

This year’s autumn is not too late, almost the summer heat sooner or later it has been formed. Summer wholesale dresses are too late to abandon, autumn has been here in our wardrobe. With the name of wonderful knitting, but also to understand the denim short jacket is the best start in autumn.

01 When the personality is converged, when the light is precipitated, when the style has been changed again and again, we have the feeling of the denim fabric that it has been quite different. No longer how the publicity of the representative, but also a symbol of a life attitude. Simple with the nature of the intuition, wrapped in a little weak to resist the cool autumn.

02 Fortunately, the denim fabric is willing to accept the reality but not too much to abandon the role of itself, even if the change is normal, but also often remind us of the existence of personality. Bat-sleeve denim jacket, short section lapel, locomotive style of the free and easy feeling, this is the denim of the autumn of praise.

03 Accompanied by our entire spring and summer printing, publicity of the gorgeous fashion and quiet, denim fabric is willing to accept. Short jacket of the spirit to improve the height of the waist to increase the height of the body, it is never picky, a common hole jeans will not let the autumn be boring.

04 Believe it or not the denim fabric can show a fresh romance? Look, there is the existence of embroidery will not be the same. There are many kinds of embroidery styles, choose one of the most delicate and elegant color, and wash the white color of the touch of a chic style, it is the best autumn.

05 The exquisite embroidery and personality on the unique itself is a landscape, so the denim fabric is willing to become a subsidiary. Simple and usual style, long sleeve lapel, which is the most handy with the autumn of the mix. Although it is simple, but no one can ignore the importance of denim fabric.

Having girl’s heart in the whole summer

How many women will keep the hearts of girls, like those wholesale women clothes in the closet in the pink color, sweet bubble sleeves and lovely ruffles layer. Yes, it is not suitable for working places, but we are not reluctant to do that girl’s right to be lovely.

01 Choose a single product that is not so pink and not so sweet for this summer, white skirt, because very simple and very creative. Lace flowers and hollow combination, not related to sexy, only some of the gardenia on the imagination.

02 Do not want to try a large area of pink color of the collision, then the printing will be able to meet your color and temperament requirements. Sleeveless skirt is playful for charming little girl  to the interpretation of the round neck waist show a kind of chic pleasant and smart, pink unique use of color will make people never forget it.

03 June is the graduation season, to see those innocent girls who exposed the bright forehead, they have the youthful beauty, really want to go back to the past. Pleated V-neck, the navy style of innocent dress is also very fond of the scenery in June.

04 That year fell in love with the boy, not because he has a car or a house, but because one day he wore a white shirt, having special pure and sincere feeling, in the bright years of extraordinarily precious. Think of you, wearing a loose shirt and skirt, common face, how many people because of this and obsessed with you.

05 Go to the beach, girls have a dream, blue sky and white sky and white clouds, maybe there will be a romantic encounter. Long skirt is graceful, chiffon is romantic, embroidery in exquisite dress to even more style, each one has the blooming face, making romantic people love it so much.