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Meet you, so elated

Into the colorful summer, the trend of printing a single product is also more and more enriched with the daily dress up, the details of the control of the printing has a unique pursuit, not seeking dazzling rotten streets, but to have a unique style to do their own. Decorate yourself with exquisite unique printing, no matter in a quiet deserted or a lively sea, can add color vitality to life, make the mood become more rich and clear.

01 Want to wear what summer dress attitude with the casual summer, T-shirt dress shoes is one of them, comfortable and energetic, tide Fan children in the unique bloom of black and white roses Another magnificent, black and white silhouette bring the old The film’s sense of the picture, full of stories and simple and powerful.

02 Vintage print with a literary atmosphere, the presence of a strong sense of beaded decoration has a strong tribal style, flounced on both sides of the gentle meandering arms, but also blur the upper body is not perfect lines, these three let cool cheap Korean clothes online has become unique and flavor, the selection of simple style with a single product quality items, a new wave of a summer out trend.

03 Chinese style of plant printing, with poetic static and beautiful, with the ink color, the context of the lines and artistic conception of blank, emptiness and reality comes with elegant, simple was thin and loose version of the perfect combination of modern cut style and natural printing, and Slim Concise Bottom to create a balanced shape.

04 Full of sunshine and vitality of color, sunflowers with positive and positive meaning of the infected people, meet it there is a good mood for the crush in the heat of the poor appetite, sour food can be troublesome, rich in vitamin C Fresh yellow lemon, exudes a unique aroma, smell all fresh and refreshing, soaked in fresh acid cool skin, refreshing feeling bright.

05 Yellow and blue flowers hit the eye-catching bright and unconventional sets off the shoulder lotus leaf sleeve comfortable casual and was thin and stylish, gestures quite between the two sleeves breeze elegant, short and long before the post-long body fit stitching lines more smooth, short fit With high waist underwear, looming waistline, ramie fabric to enhance texture.

I speak for myself

You have beautiful Allure, I have a bright future. I am a confident girl, I speak for myself! Not Confident girls know that as long as the body is generally the same can give it a try, maybe your temperament but can deduce a different feeling.

01 Blue for almost all girls, I believe you are no exception. Although the cowboy, but fortunately the fabric is soft enough thin, only a bit fresh and youthful. Wholesale dresses on the surface of a layer of lace is even more for the piece pants added a little delicate and gentle.

02 To count those elements that once made us so heart: Wave? Cartoon? Pleated skirt? White T-shirt? Yes, these are all loved. White T simple enough, a cute Mickey chuckle, with a short pleated skirt, clean and fresh.

03 This year’s special popular straps, straps, strap wide leg pants, almost swept every brand. Belt denim skirt is youth in youth, this improved from the college wind, upgrade to a single influx of people, with white and blue optional.

04 Every time I saw a word shoulder, can not help but wonder: big chest / big face / wide shoulders girl gospel ah! In short, if you are a more “strong” sister in the upper body, whether it is a short neck or a big shoulder, exposing a piece of shoulder skin will extend the sight of the face and neck and, correspondingly, weakened the chest attention.

05 Please note that this sleeveless shoulder design, and not only the vest-style broadband, but wrapped the shoulders and even the upper arm edge, so even if your upper arm a little meat it anymore! White lace close to the face can be a good transition between the color of the face and upper body.

Not need many styles in clothing

Impatient summer, clothing and clothing absolutely can not bypass one of the most important theme – cool. Re-eye-catching unique style of clothing can provide you with a sense of cool before the clothing has lost its appeal. No way, the weather is so hot, the girls will inevitably become a little slack, just looking cool and clean spent every day, this is okay.

01 Cheap Korean clothes online is cool or not, not only with the fabric, the color also played a key role, like this fresh and sweet fruit green, tender as if you can squeeze out the water to bring a comfortable visual enjoyment, coupled with white doll collar, Hit the color to break the monotonous situation, looks particularly gentle and well-behaved.

02 One piece dress is undoubtedly a lot of girls love, wearing in the midsummer, simple and convenient, dressed in white dress pure and flawless, easy to give the impression that people stay, look carefully skirt there are large flowers lace hollow flowers, breathable While also emitting a hazy sexy taste.

03 Can increase the sense of cool there are many elements, such as bare shoulders, such as elegant sleeves, a collection of these two elements of the skirt how can not put it down? Lotus leaf sleeves romance passionate, small shoulder even more shy charm, the other waist design can highlight the exquisite curve.

04 Today’s sunscreen in addition to UV resistance, but also became a woman concave shape of the tools, and sometimes with the shorts, sometimes with the harness combination, a clothing and more wear, very useful, that thin and transparent fabric, that shallow A touch of color, making it a summer hot single product.

05 Even the extremely hot, it is difficult to offset the temptation to print floral dress, but why not use half-length flower instead of whole body flowers, to avoid the overall too beggar, pleated skirt summer is always dreamy, full of beautiful memories and longing, holding the flying the skirt, heart is happy.

Dress to fashion, coat to help

In fact, comfortable to wear can also increase the value of the high quality Korean fashion wholesale, if you and me lazy used to, if wearing a fitting match with the body of the dress, always crush looked upright abdomen, you suddenly feel hands and feet do not know where’s the place? Well, forget it, to the summer to stay slightly elegant and dignified, or wide blouse with wide leg pants of the free posture, make you look more beautiful.

01 Remember when we were young we are not so particular about wearing, as long as a pair of jeans comfortable to wear, worn to wear reluctant to change. I did not expect turns, hole jeans turned out to be super in fashion style.

02 Wardrobe variety of cheap clothes from China, but each always could not help but think about today can wear T-shirt to go out. Yes, so many small shirts, flower skirts are clouds, a soft and elastic fabric T-shirt, white cooling effect comes with added, the summer is always good.

03 Long section outside the ride, particularly popular in the last two years, perhaps it is creating a sense of elegant and elegant too tempting to stop. Many beautiful girl, no matter what material to wear clothes, like to use it to highlight their own temperament. Silk fabrics, the most out of elegant feeling, whether it is dress, or T-shirt, shorts, as long as it is worn together, will be very harmonious.

04 Crocheting details, in each of them have joined the deep romance, as if the brush specifically with “love” to color, was able to draw this smart pattern. Strong sense of impact in the collision of two different colors become more apparent, irregular hem seems a bit cute, but the overall feeling is still elegant to the bones.

05 Brilliant printing impressive, fringed use, so that this cardigan full of stylish atmosphere. For girls who wants to go to the beach and want to do sunscreen work, this cardigan will certainly bring a unique cool feeling. Every step forward, imagine the various elements of the body will also be followed by jumped up, it feels really wonderful.

Autumn is unknown with chic style

Beauty is not too late, the vast land of complex climate come early and late, ready cardigan and jacket to embrace the tender autumn. Knitted cardigan is a refined elegance and popular style weapon and elegant gentle endorsement, simple design wild style, regardless of leisure commuting are favored. Windbreaker and baseball jacket is a classic and beloved classics, in the early autumn ranks of new products in the temperature so new.

01 Very good sense of a mix of black and white red classic tricolor, the basic models excellent combination of high practicality, alcohol is a red cardigan light body shape, bright and beautiful, small fragrance style elegant and comfortable, three-dimensional exquisite lace detail expose the subtle and meticulous character.

02 The basic section of the cardigan due to rich and colorful colors, comfortable wearing sense and has a high collocation and wearing rate, has become the everlasting single-product wardrobe change, casual commuting correct, skirt pants are affordable, use it to look good, full of vitality, natural and pro-response every day.

03 Geometric printing, irregular tailoring wholesale Korean fashion is a flexible and diverse expression of the cardigan, tassels decorate freely romantic romantic exotic, take a simple vest cowboy on the trendy full is still thin, a combination of scarf shawl cardigan charm, charming temperament. The basic color beige, easy and harmonious coordination with other colors.

04 Version of the loose body and sleeves are like hot kimono cardigan style, lively and vivid painted geometric patterns rich imagination, tassels fine flying fit the relaxed mood in the autumn, quite able to interpret the trend of the streets or romantic feelings of the seaside resort, even in the air-conditioned room, its light and colorful can add a touch of free poetic and gentle personality.

05 Slim and clear cardigan is a good shade of summer sun, light and portable, while bringing endless fun, sleeveless, suspenders, printing and so on the wholesale clothing from China can be combined with a layer of modeling played chords, but also to small fat escaping, will be fresh and natural to the extreme, looking seductive and comfortable.

Delicate design in your dressing

Openwork is also a suitable element of early autumn, covering the glimpse of a glimmer of skin luster, is a reserved temptation. If the combination of hollow elements and lace flowers, with the exquisite sweet lace flowers to match, such a two-piece ladies style full of it!

01 The same lace plus hollow elements with, but it can show and on a completely different feeling, probably because of the color? Of course there are color factors, the mystery of black has always been the best guide to explore. Sleeveless lace make the skin and wholesale clothing color contrast obvious, full of temptation.

02 National style always with a trace of mystery, tempt people to explore. Sleeveless loose T-shirt, had nothing special, but the round collar stretch, revealing a touch of incense, Pope embroidery wide shoulder strap gently on the collarbone, there is like the wilderness like flying can not capture the temptation.

03 Love at first sight is the color of its soft pink, orange juice inside with a sweet milk color is really happy. Not to mention this orange powder lining the most skin-lined, play a neat weapon! T-shirt hot air balloon chest printing three-dimensional wave point is quite unique.

04 At first glance seems to be ordinary printing sweater, this is about a second favorite type, and carefully observed, sweater head printing varies, men and women of all kinds, the meaning of life to leave the hearts and minds to find. How can we not care for the sweaters that are so cautious?

05 It’s not a big deal, nor is it to complain about life. Too many people need a little comfort and vent. They need a little understanding and care. Sometimes a smile, a word, or even a person who shares one another, Can give comfort, let us persist in the road of life, I believe everything will be better.


Beauty + good clothing= concept

Today, we share a sad reminder Shopping experience: Last summer, I saw a dress in the mall, super like the wholesale fashion dress, although slightly thick, but until the fall, buy a small white coat with a dress, certainly very beautiful , So do not hesitate to pay the payment! Full of joy looking forward to the arrival of the autumn. Results, the autumn came and went, the right white jacket still no trace, dress also heartache give away! Since then, I no longer buy wholesale clothes alone, because a single garment can not interpret its design philosophy and full charm!

01 Childhood is an open book that does not fit, childhood is a journey through the back can not go back, naive age, worry-free spent, eternal memories. Cute cartoon elephant Let us revisit the initial period of pure pure, let us recapture that kind of good!

02 So lovely, so interesting, so harmonious, cute little elephant printing and Peter Pan villain embroidery really meet each other late two friends! Such a beautiful picture must not be destroyed because of some small details, please note that the trousers when wearing jeans.

03 Where is the jacket, T-shirt and pants need you! A white baseball shirt is definitely a wild, personalized patchwork, shiny beads patterns, self-assertive independence without losing the sense of fun.

04 “This is the same feeling of flying. It is the feeling of freedom, flying in the sky full of stars, flying against the wind, with a heart that will never weep and brave.” We are tired of being bound and longing for freedom, but we also have our own dreams and go bravely on the identified paths. Heart graffiti and clear ink outline is our sincere talk.

05 Want to fly? Want to be free? Want to run to the dream? A comfortable pants is indispensable. Breathe cotton stretch selected, 360 degrees free to stretch, wearing a natural comfort zero bound in the way toward the dream, cheering for you.

Tropical to national customs

Although it is the end of summer, it is still full of summer heat to mention the tropical jungle. Most of the impressions left by the jungle are mysterious, there are too many of our unknown plants and animals, can not help being driven by curiosity, and we want to explore how pleasant it is. Walk through this mysterious environment through apparel to explore this endless style.

01 The first tropical people should think of is the printing of coconut trees, tenacious vitality, swaggering green swaying at the beach, swinging in the wind. Such a strong representation of plants, so simple and easy style is also easily labeled tropical.

02 So hot summer flavor style so thick clothes from China, dressed in a fringed bag, can be a national style of weaving, it can be the most general style, just an extra piece of jewelry, style and more A number of different, the whole person has the feeling of exposure to the jungle.

03 The green of the jungle is too deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, which wipes out the bright summer colors that make people unable to extricate themselves and keep our eyes. White, gradient green, a transition of pure green, to the clothes marked with plant-specific vitality, it is so vibrant beauty go.

04 Is not it only the perseverance of the coconut tree? The answer is of course negative, into the summer is over the roadside fruit stall in front of the pineapple is not let you in the hot summer cool to give birth to saliva flow saliva. Although it is only printed on the fun map of pineapple, it is easy to lively up.

05 Why do we say this national customs, in fact, the tropical rain forest is not just a treasured cherished flora and fauna, the unique tribes in the jungle also make people full of curiosity, when it comes to tribal tribe, it is inevitable to mention tribal totem not to mention those weird, single flamingo is enough to make too many creative ideas, but also to wear out a lot of charm.

What is your style?

My favorite casual style is the knit sweater. Summer and autumn junction, for what we often do not wear too clear concept. However, the concept of happy wholesale dresses fashion heritage will certainly get a whirlpool effect, knitting is one of the most worth retaining programs.

01 My favorite casual style is the Batman’s alternative interpretation of the rules. Not the same tailoring design, not the same details, rivets and tassels quite locomotive style, hem tilt cut more features, enough length to cover the thick thighs, with the loose was casual style secret weapon.

02 I like the casual style is a variety of A-line skirt style. Cutting quite arbitrary, the grasp of the curve is only straightforward one-time solution. However, designers in this directly joined the clever collision of colors, the use of a fork to make A character skirt perfect release of character.

03 I like the casual style is the occasional relaxed lady comfortable. Avoid the sweet pink green, A word skirt hit the color more direct presentation, the depth of the staggered in order to better cover up the shortcomings. College atmosphere of pure cute is not exactly what we have been looking relaxed and comfortable?

04 My favorite casual style is that the courage to walk away is commendable. Dream in the distance, the reality at the foot, and we can only go step by step, would like to go next to see the scenery. Printed short jacket, full of spirit, very refreshing feeling, courage and personality.

05 With a strong color to give monotonous and exaggerated baseball wholesale clothing a new life, fashion from the arena to the daily routine they are girls over and over again refresh the world outlook non-stop. Blouse has never been fixed to allow everything abstract, can control the color is the key issue.

Be the most dazzling star

Like, the mood it is probably the most elusive feeling in this world. It may only be a glimpse of an inadvertent gladiation, enough to raise the general delight and concern in the heart; it may only be unreasonable for the sake of the eye and is still deeply attracted by the second eye and will continue indefinitely. If there were so many mid-sleeves in the girls’ shopping lists in August and September, not only because of their love, but also because they know more about themselves.

01 Wholesale dresses for the girl is never tired of a single product, no matter what the season is commuter out or home leisure, all will not avoid it. And can wear cotton dress even out, but also the most real innermost heart with the best gesture to show, it is comfortable and peace of mind.

02 It is the most serious sexy, but also the most low-key temptation. If you do not take off the coat or loose your hair, probably only the wind and the girl know the scenery behind the V-neck. Sleeve dress with a sense of drape, black collar reveal collarbone, went to a knit invitation, enjoy the quiet seduction of this quiet.

03 Knitted tops stuck in subtle time, sending a warm invitation from north to south. It and the fluffy printed half skirt, with a soft wood ear gently winding a wonderful curve, hooked the heart. Not particularly thick, just right for the September micro autumn.

04 The petals slightly printed in a small print to some extent does not mean that small flowers, the arrangement will be arranged in strict order will make a small flower burst powerful gas field, and a steady red depicting temperament big woman Looks like.

05 Sleeve length, does not mean that we must abandon the chiffon, in the eyes of the South sister now the temperature is the role of sleeve chiffon time. Morning and evening the wind slightly cool, but noon will still float thirty days, printing dress is a good companion.