Beauty + good clothing= concept

Today, we share a sad reminder Shopping experience: Last summer, I saw a dress in the mall, super like the wholesale fashion dress, although slightly thick, but until the fall, buy a small white coat with a dress, certainly very beautiful , So do not hesitate to pay the payment! Full of joy looking forward to the arrival of the autumn. Results, the autumn came and went, the right white jacket still no trace, dress also heartache give away! Since then, I no longer buy wholesale clothes alone, because a single garment can not interpret its design philosophy and full charm!

01 Childhood is an open book that does not fit, childhood is a journey through the back can not go back, naive age, worry-free spent, eternal memories. Cute cartoon elephant Let us revisit the initial period of pure pure, let us recapture that kind of good!

02 So lovely, so interesting, so harmonious, cute little elephant printing and Peter Pan villain embroidery really meet each other late two friends! Such a beautiful picture must not be destroyed because of some small details, please note that the trousers when wearing jeans.

03 Where is the jacket, T-shirt and pants need you! A white baseball shirt is definitely a wild, personalized patchwork, shiny beads patterns, self-assertive independence without losing the sense of fun.

04 “This is the same feeling of flying. It is the feeling of freedom, flying in the sky full of stars, flying against the wind, with a heart that will never weep and brave.” We are tired of being bound and longing for freedom, but we also have our own dreams and go bravely on the identified paths. Heart graffiti and clear ink outline is our sincere talk.

05 Want to fly? Want to be free? Want to run to the dream? A comfortable pants is indispensable. Breathe cotton stretch selected, 360 degrees free to stretch, wearing a natural comfort zero bound in the way toward the dream, cheering for you.


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