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Dressing leisurely, seeing the time and space to reverse

Let the time pass slower in their own body, leaving the impression of the passed year to be slow, perhaps in sight of the inadvertently, youth is still like a sunny gorgeous sun, beloved he still be there for you, I do not know this is how many girl’s common dream, wandering in the dream and between reality, the most practical to play nothing more than the love of leisure, leisurely waiting for time and space reversal in proper wholesale dresses and cheap platform shoes.

01 Youth reversal of the first move, is like a little girl like to re-love the cocky and crazy world, as if the eyes of each flower is necessary in the fairy tale, and she is the dream story of the romantic protagonist, passion makes youth frequently look back reluctant to slip away.

02 Do not let the mature too grow so fast, at least to keep the pure light of this off, like the blue and white striped shirt, which is fresh and visible , The white background is the same declaration of youth.

03 Rebellious is the course of the youth that must go through, even if the passage of time, goodbye that little personality insolent, or could not help but send a sentence that you haven’t grown up, skirt background gradient blooming and worn off, as if a small child’s whim, do not believe that graffiti is the destruction of experts.

04 Poetic art in the girls can not only live in the dream, the real point should be more like a pair of light in the light of the graceful clothing, with gold edge like a very skirt on the leaves of the vines, elegant temperament with any denim fabric once makes the style be uninhibited, at the moment only wish to be delicate and charming.

05 Remember the day of wearing a pair of denim pants? This question with the existence of a sense of plaid shirt can have a fight, a very dramatic positioning, doomed patch and all the holes are only youth marks.