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Sexy off shoulder, build the key to the swan neck

Swan neck, elegant and confident synonymous with a beautiful slender neck lines in bringing good temperament at the same time, but also allow us to harvest beautiful, what is the key to create a beautiful swan neck, bear the brunt of the off shoulder collar. Let us look at the sexy off shoulder collar, feel their unique sense of temperament.

01 It is such a small dew look, is not it looks more slender and beautiful? The truth is only one, this is the off shoulder collar to bring the visual effects. There is no cover of the wholesale Korean clothing so that the neck extends out of the curve of the swan neck.

02 Sometimes an off shoulder bare neck lines, not only a sexy taste, to find the right with the elements, they are synonymous with youthful vitality. Light stripes color, fresh shirt style, to be a vibrant youth girl.

03 Said the sexy off shoulder is the key to build the neck of the swan, not the subjective imagination, but there is a beautiful example to do proof, see this dress, elegant style pleat, gentle lotus leaf, and off shoulder and neck is the most romantic style.

04 Swan princesses are elegant and confident, want to have a swan neck you naturally have such temperament. So the advantage of the shoulder shows up, as long as you slightly straight back, princess-like self-confidence to come out of the elegant style.

05 Red color, lace, an off shoulder collar, platforms shoes cheap, all belong to the elements of a woman together, it made this beautiful dress, charming is undoubtedly its style, elegant swan neck is its generous gift, beautiful because of it.