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Can not stand fat get thin

Of course, can not eat a fat one breath, empathy, all of a sudden can not be reduced to a thin. If you can dress up and down effort, or you can easily achieve your wish. The tender grass green velvet trousers, exquisite tailoring, absolutely can make the thigh look so easy to thin so small circle.

01 We must believe that as long as both internal and external perseverance will have a significant effect, no doubt about this point, or else how can we say that there is always a return on it. But only complain is not enough, life can not feel what is the waist What is a thin leg to a woman, what a sad thing.

02 Imagine the day they slim down, like other women, put on a sexy dress step skirt, only to the street so stop, Cengce eyesight projection from all directions and can not stop the block, my heart is not sobering well . Therefore, in order to achieve this great goal, it is imperative to act quickly.

03 Although this is a face to see the world, the body also plays an indispensable role in supporting, female compatriots will probably have this feeling. Black and white two-piece skirt dress worn on the body, proper aristocratic Fan children. When you are young, you do not have to dazzle wholesale clothes from China. Do you still want to look at the folds of the face?

04 Celebrities with the same style has always been the vane of fashion circles, walking in front of the trend under the spotlight they have is absolutely extraordinary clothing grade. Big red wholesale dresses slim hip dress in the baby is simply impeccable, a good figure, a woman may wish to boldly try it, maybe it does not have the flavor than the baby yet.

05 This season, not a decent coat are embarrassed to go out. Wrapped in such a random body, the whole person have become more vigorous and up, the modern girl that is full of visual impression. Most importantly, waist style to meet a woman want to lose weight, alone, it is also worth having.

Only a good day to be cool in a good autumn

Autumn cool is really a troublesome thing, wear more heat at noon, wear less sooner or later cold, what wholesale clothes from China wearing on the street, chaotic dress rhythm is no signs of chaos. That is to say, you grasp the rhythm of it?

01 Is your sweater ready? They are gentle, not contradictory, will follow your rules to change their own. Pretty candy color when the fear of autumn desolate. Lantern sleeve design and umbrella skirt is very romantic, is a wonderful thing.

02 From the material, the knitting of the first hair will be followed by the subsequent. The perception of temperature, dressing is sometimes more sensitive than ourselves. Sweet orange flavor naturally can not erase the elegant and moving dress, Beading noble lotus leaves pendulum is very cute, twenty years old is a good time.

03 No matter how not the autumn cool as one thing, but also look at the long-sleeved trousers in the street coverage. But it does not matter, others are less than you. This is so eye-catching purple is not the average person dare to try, the set of beautiful natural need extraordinary courage, there is a high waist was high.

04 Cotton and linen refused to so early retreat, to now have to follow the trend, in the style of play a new leeway. Rusty red atmosphere can only feel the windbreaker. Large lapel dignified because of the convergence of the fabric, become so domineering, but leisure so do not have to be too cautious.

05 In order to prevent this autumn cool too fast, or early to prepare a thick wool jacket as well. Want to calm the atmosphere, not only the sapphire blue and red wine, see how to lead the color of ginger this year to the color. Suit lapel, the pattern is open, see the chic style is nice.

Elegant clothing makes you be pretty

Tasted the beauty of the mix wholesale clothes from China, no one is willing to perfunctory. Every day looking forward to get different beauty, every day to learn to make themselves more beautiful. When did the beginning, the return was originally a fashion? Solid color woolen coat, and knit tight skirt with almost no repeat, you can make people feel very good.

01 Will suede uninhibited and rose red elegance superimposed, test our expectations of beauty, but also tempted us to move forward step. How can a wonderful experience of a skirt windbreaker a free and easy, a soft, the remaining eight is confident and outstanding.

02 Those who can not forget the black and white ash are hovering in our minds of the beautiful, even if the age is repeated, this wonderful color is still we can not miss. Pure, simple, generous, natural, do not need you too much praise, any words can not be completely described.

03 Sweatshirts should enjoy the respectful courtesy, and you can imagine how boring if we were less in sweater. Colorful contrast color, deep and bright with the color for each other, in informal shape, informal personality, to accommodate the world under the people of the heart of the fight, but also to accommodate the fall of the desolate.

04 The best thing is to be with you. Love in the world always let people run the cheerful, lattice coat wrapped in the feelings of the winter is the touch of warmth. So many good, how can not guard it? The day you wear lovers is the most beautiful time in life.

05 Bustling, mediocre city, filled with the number of drunk fans, busy, steady stream of streets, everywhere are lost. Bustling life is exactly what kind of materialistic satisfaction, or return to the landscape between the escape heart, no know. The only thing to believe is that slow down, maybe a lot better.

Graceful clothes make you be sexy

If the simple becomes a habit, then it is necessary to find simple and pure to make the inspiration. Low-key atmosphere of the gray, will encounter the appropriate way to express their own, do not need any unique elements, do not need to spend too much effort in the tailoring of wholesale clothes from China, but one coat, but simple enough emboldened.

01 Large and small wave point, like autumn rain, floor silence, but it makes you feel it exists. This is the designer’s inspiration, in the pure colors to find compelling way, the color of warm and finally can not stop the relief of the existence of wave point, fashion is a late travel.

02 Autumn for a wave after wave, wholesale high heel shoes have not had time to change. Cold dew once on the martin boots on the time to play. Rough with the classic style of the lace, gave us the feeling of long legs. Rough with tired feet, but also elongated legs of the lines, with a long section of the windbreaker is not a high achievement on it?

03 For petite girl, the choice of such a shoe must be perfect. Pointed and slightly tilted, more than the round shoes more long legs, heels are not enough feminine, there are lace to make up. Inspiration is the loss of the moment, always and others are not the same.

04 Have to admit that the khaki low-key introverted skill of the powerful, even if the color is also able to sit tight in the elegant position, bat sleeves in the long loose sets of head, is the skirt is blatantly, the off collar hollow sexy taste charming style.

05 Solid color concise college style, underwear micro-collar shirt still play novelty leisure style, yellow bright, first color eye-catching, and then to the relaxed rendering rate of passionate sunshine, different needle shape three-dimensional splicing the same color interpretation of different surface, without losing the fashion highlights.


Special Color In Elegant Clothes

Camel in wholesale clothes from China is closest to the current season, the color of autumn autumn maple brown, is warm and comes with extravagant color, black is to let it fully release the charm of the cloth plate, was thin and high also inspired a strong gas field, all black Take the belt to divide the proportion.

01 Part of the style of the military made green robe type elegant victory, control the difficulty is also a lot of small, neat cut with ring decoration to show the beauty of simple, within the white class or skin color close to the nude color are not wrong, clothes under the show a little skirt with light to point, so that the overall more casual nature.

02 High waist A-shape profile, hollow lantern sleeves are very playful, open to the cloak-style, tied to the waist under the waist is full of legs, sleeves on the beautiful bee embroidery details embellishment vitality, deep dark green can use the skin color transition to brighten.

03 Welsh prince of the grid to add a small amount of orange checkered, warm and bright and distinctive, the overall pattern of the main color of the earth, it appears low-key texture, simplified version of the windbreaker style, large lapel, double buckle strength was thin, on a variety of body are more friendly, suitable for neutral products with a neutral dress.

04 Elegant houndstooth and wales prince grid tied for the autumn and winter this year, the most popular pattern, both suitable for use in the coat, the coat of the double-sided coat of its own focus, wearing a simple, to create a comparative advantage of the high waist, you can create retro British, simple literature and other styles.

05 Super long coat is necessary to rely on the inside to adjust the ratio, build level, in the cold and cold time can choose v-neck, exposed legs these ways to shape breathable, handsome boots can also be for the shape of extra points, clean, black and stable, to join the earth color is introverted art.