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Step by step to maturity, you can

Fortunately, we are standing on the tail of youth, as well as the last chance to indulge. What it used to be, and what it will become in the future, anyway, this is the moment. Leaving the impression of the United States and the United States, there is their own album, one day, look back, always feel precious.

01 Can finally get rid of the shackles of the school to enjoy the freedom, although do not know what the future, but the fear of newborn tiger is the most valuable. The last moment, everyone should learn how to be their queen.

02 After graduating from college, the same little princess life is completely over, no one is spoiled us, all things have to deal with ourselves. Such a life may be somewhat unacceptable at first, but it will take a long time, it is time to fade the immature coat to welcome the new life.

03 Intellectual, steady, mature, elegant, these words seem to have suddenly fell on our eyes, caught off guard may be called growth. Magic mirror, who is the most beautiful woman in the world, after a moment of deep thought came a firm voice: “I was wearing a dark green clothes before you.”

04 Han Dynasty spread of thousands of years, its dignified and elegant temperament can be said that the ancient wisdom of working people crystallization. The style of the single around the collar came out like a lady in a large family, covered with charm of all gentle, so the type of wholesale Korean clothing with cultural heritage should receive more attention to fishes.

05 See these few people can not help laughing classic verse, is not a childhood memories of all children out of the brain. The innocent little swallow is almost the happy childhood of all of us, go back and do not forget to see her.

Greenwood hero, purely cool handsome tone in the clothes

This array of fashion industry immersed in the feelings of girls in the situation difficult to extricate themselves, this time no star to do an example to make camouflage again fire, is really like it will find it again, like it never forgotten. The essence of camouflage contains maverick to do their own, it is cool to be fun. In front of this changing pattern, let us slightly feel the green forest style with nice wholesale Korean clothing.

01 If life is everywhere there is a battlefield, with camouflage and cool colors are heavily armed, is to retain the best combat effectiveness of the embodiment of it, it is flowers with green wings, singing and dancing in the cold eyes of the ashes, regardless of indoor and outdoor have to be the most cool that Is the principle of camouflage.

02 Regardless of light color in a time how cool it is, it is still required to be slim and thin, so black is the autumn and winter wardrobe looks together in the main colors, the pure preference for color reduced a lot of choice on the trouble, on the beloved camouflage coat, inside the same color black was thin and mysterious, walking cool as lightning.

03 Fortitude of the spirit from the inside to the outside, not blind to never yield rebellious unruly rock and roll spirit is not to say it, the trend of slogan black ultra-sunglasses necklace and so on as long as you can use to show the character of the side, Test, with tight pants shoes to create the wind with the street is also different that one.

04 Small sequins to join the body shape more new skills, no accessories can also be friendly to shine, as long as there is light can shine, the visual effects of a strong sense of existence, resulting in science fiction effect is more modern charm, publicity personality be considered wonderful.

05 In the wild and the wizard between the naughty are worth noting that such a short paragraph camouflage clothing, A version of the type of free and inclusive, plus waist drawstring design telescopic freely, sleeves with metallic color leather is tough texture, splicing stretch knitting easy activities, precise details make the whole more outstanding.

Sexy off shoulder, build the key to the swan neck

Swan neck, elegant and confident synonymous with a beautiful slender neck lines in bringing good temperament at the same time, but also allow us to harvest beautiful, what is the key to create a beautiful swan neck, bear the brunt of the off shoulder collar. Let us look at the sexy off shoulder collar, feel their unique sense of temperament.

01 It is such a small dew look, is not it looks more slender and beautiful? The truth is only one, this is the off shoulder collar to bring the visual effects. There is no cover of the wholesale Korean clothing so that the neck extends out of the curve of the swan neck.

02 Sometimes an off shoulder bare neck lines, not only a sexy taste, to find the right with the elements, they are synonymous with youthful vitality. Light stripes color, fresh shirt style, to be a vibrant youth girl.

03 Said the sexy off shoulder is the key to build the neck of the swan, not the subjective imagination, but there is a beautiful example to do proof, see this dress, elegant style pleat, gentle lotus leaf, and off shoulder and neck is the most romantic style.

04 Swan princesses are elegant and confident, want to have a swan neck you naturally have such temperament. So the advantage of the shoulder shows up, as long as you slightly straight back, princess-like self-confidence to come out of the elegant style.

05 Red color, lace, an off shoulder collar, platforms shoes cheap, all belong to the elements of a woman together, it made this beautiful dress, charming is undoubtedly its style, elegant swan neck is its generous gift, beautiful because of it.