Having a great time in dressing

In the chiffon circle of friends, the relationship between friends and friends is very close, pure cotton is like a small chiffon hair, both traits vary, but echoes, together for the spring and summer apparel add to the wonderful. Occasionally, the cotton and lace will be in friendship, adding a lace pattern on the cotton skirt, which becomes exquisite details of the Department, showing the elegance of modern women.

01 Sometimes cotton also requires personal time, she will look for inspiration from the spring nature, the small flowers in the field off, put them dense cloth skirt, and then dyed with a layer of grass, splicing point rose color, so it becomes like a quiet little fresh, literary temperament touching.

02 For gauze, the sense of hierarchy is always very important, even if the net yarn small wholesale clothes, the use of perspective at the same time, adding exquisite embroidery, has been beautiful enough, still to stitching layers of hem, as the cake skirt pendulum, gentle and sweet, looks very sweet.

03 Height can not be changed, but the proportion of the body can be dressed to optimize the upgrade. High waist installed to enhance the waist line to a higher level than the actual position, shortening the upper body lengthening the lower body, this ratio gives the impression that young and vibrant, not only reduce age, but also have everyone dream long legs.

04 Although in the traditional concept of red is always associated with the big day, but because the red lace is very mentioning gas, coupled with the effect of uplifting color, daily wear is also a great choice. High waist cut with a noble sense of small dress, slender legs, one second incarnation of the new goddess.

05 High-waisted skirt usually appear in the style of a large swing skirt, adding a retro elegance for women. High waist to avoid the stomach, often can fall on the waist of the thinnest parts, and then skirts cover the lower abdomen and buttocks, play a subtle clever role in modification, even if quietly gain weight will not be found .


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