I have V collar to be slim

Round face, said the nice point is the baby face, younger than others for several years, that is difficult to point to say the truth is a big face, accidentally was labeled “fat” label. Weight loss is to have a good body, thin and then thinner, but being thin should have the knowledgeable, wholesale fashion dress in V-neck is the most meaningful.

01 Chinese people in the standard beauty is a slap in the face, delicate and dynamic, and then extend the point is melon face oval face. V-neck can be elongated by lines, to achieve the illusion of little face. The best blue plus white, refreshing difficult to imitate, beach dress want to pass a different feminine taste.

02 Woman is multi-faceted, the color is also multi-faceted, the first time to see the pink majestic shy look also feel the heart of love, this time to see it elegant and elegant side. Irregular cut to the skirt more lotus leaf chic, big V-neck was thin is not contrived.

03 Irregularity is always unexpected, because there is no rule can be full of mystery, but every time you meet you feel so peace of mind, as if it is born so. The beauty of a touch of white need to help the style, or cannot discover the unparalleled pure texture.

04 It is not difficult to find that those banquets on the striking style to V-collar majority, clavicle since the exquisite will show up, increase your feminine. Navy blue temperament should be suitable for any dance or banquet, small and not lose the atmosphere; slim thin mind is not shallow.

05 Courageous women will love the color of Leopard; it is unwilling to silence of self-confidence, sonorous and powerful than men more courage. Pure black wide belt can quickly beam out the waist of the weak, slim sometimes rely on the details of the prosecution, and how the V-neck will be willing to inferior, so hard to highlight the elegant skirt.


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