Just a long-sleeved day

If you encounter cooling, and occasionally blowing a strong wind, not willing to give up short-sleeved small volume or take the initiative to put on long sleeves to keep warm and warming for themselves. Although the feeling of wearing a long-sleeved autumn dress is very difficult to take off again, but just the long-sleeved days, or to spend the pretty time in wholesale fashion dress is just fine.

01 Daily commuting is actually a very difficult thing for a small roll and it takes almost four hours for a commuter car. Unwittingly occupied the time to go to bed, so dressed and turned to wear good-looking dress. Checked package hip own waist, is suitable for light mature.

02 Five days a week, the dress can not occupy a protagonist position every day, right? Small volume silently thinking, the check shirt drawn out one by one along the color number. Red and white grid, blue and white grid, orange grid, from warm to cool colors, roll up your sleeves to put on pants like.

03 Adults have an advantage, will be ready for season clothing first. In August, the small volume, though less enthusiastic about the new autumn clothes, started with a green and vivid trench coat, and the embroidery double-breasted look beautiful. Then, in September the little roll reaffirmed the windbreaker jacket, got ready early.

04 The shirt collar determines many things, such as the small lapel tradition but the classic but will be too working, small stand-collar look spirit, Peter Pan collar in the small elegance, and the Department will appreciate the soft and beautiful qualities into each knot In full of charm.

05 Running around in daily life, small rolls look forward to If you must find changes in commute money, then fungus and pinch fold can be regarded as one of the most sophisticated changes. Is still white, but the placket at the office done a deliberate treatment, a small collar style does not restrain the neck, chest pinch pleats interpretation of a small shirt little taste, a little like the inherent meaning.


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