Skirt mixed match has interpretation of the office’s early autumn fashion

Autumn is coming, the office girl’s favorite wholesale fashion dress has a new change. Take a scarf, with windbreaker, shirt plus a piece of knitted cardigan or a small suit, playing the interpretation of the office’s early autumn fashion. Season changing, let’s witness the skill about mixed matching of clothing.

01 Army green has very nice texture, with a lotus leaf dark blue slim shirt, soft highlights a lot of skilled taste about working women. Wearing a skirt, with a pair of high heels is an essential criterion, you can show beautiful legs line.

02 Three quarter length of sleeves of beige shirt, fine folds have a little bit of lovely flavor. A white side of the dark blue skirt, having a feeling with common usual plain skirt with an affinity elegance.

03 Very beautiful chiffon shirt with a sense of delicate palace feeling, very luxurious, with simple style skirt or pants, people have a bright feeling. Simple and complex ride to wear a large temperament.

04 White shirt with a decorated metal buttons in the skirt, having a standard working lady’s style, but a skirt with a gradient scarf can make you be outstanding.

05 Workplace can not be lazy, but sometimes just want to steal a little lazy, a set of clothing can be resolved, why take time to pick up two pieces? Packed skirt with a small suit to apricot stitching a small amount of black, the overall style of simple atmosphere, which is lines sense neat, you should be so elegant stand in the workplace.

06 In the summer, the skirt suit will be better than the pants suit, package hip skirt neat tailoring and clean white shirt, outlines the female body curve, shows women soft and stubborn side.




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