Spring and summer, elegant song

Publicity a little more publicity it, is to make spring breeze than you. It is not always necessary to trace the past of printing. It is more important than anything else. Most of the scenery once seen there will be no more, but similar but not repeated, so dare to print dare so bold.

01 Dear girl, youth so good, how spring brisk ten comparable to you, how comparable to your dress up? You can play can be playful or elegant, you can use any way you like and the breeze than pleasure, I believe every encounter on the streets are not as good as you.

02 Midnight lights alone, a frog voice, obviously just over the spring break, where the early summer scene. Lights flickering, red, yellow, blue neon lights, the stars have no courage. Miss the moonlight, soft as yarn, very gentle. Wind soft, cloud light, spring and summer, more and more like a song, elegant and far away.

03 Like this indifferent look, as if the bustle of the city are all things in the car, such as the water horse exists only in the childhood drama, exists in the imagination. Once in contact with the life did not imagine that so good, might as well be a simple oneself, the sun penetrates the gap between cotton and linen, shines a light spring and summer.

04 Her mother had a good wholesale clothing from China in hand, when the spring flowers, she was in the yard under the large acacia tree fly alignment. Multicolored lines slowly winding into the landscape, spell floral shawl decorated tassels, young to meet the latest fashion. Full of trees under the sun in full bloom Sophora japonica, fragrance became the most beautiful memories.

05 Flowers are spring breeze, the green grass is not exposed sharp corners, yellow wormwood is still interpretation of the pride of autumn and winter. Elegant spring and summer is the skirt scattered in the verse, twos and threes even into a song, Sentimental rust red, clear and shallow nature, literature and art is a feeling.


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