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Want to worry about the wild boy out of the walk in chic clothing

Do not know from when, the total feeling where it is not right but can not say it. Occasionally found that why do you want to do, want to say what to say how to find their own can not find the time, only to understand that the original so. So long, so trance can not even remember. Want to worry about the wild children out of the walk, the sun, blowing cold, by the way, and presumptuous clothing wholesale.

01 As a woman, from the sensible, it was quiet ladies elegant adjectives like body. It seems that every move, smiles, it is how the dead are dead. If the violation is rebellious, you have to be criticized; it is not a good girl. In fact, this is not a character on the kidnapping.

02 Everyone has everyone’s appearance, men can be wild uninhibited, a woman can still. Different environment, tutor is different, personality must be different, not necessarily so bad. Lazy scattered, still can live a wonderful, this is the daughter of hard to buy my favorite reason.

03 I believe that not only me, there are many women’s hearts are living a wild child, they are forced to shut up, cut off all contact with the outside world. Only for the bright and beautiful body can be a better life, so right, of course not right. Camouflage may be a good luck, but always tired of the day.

04 It is better to start from the beginning to do their own, life is like a hundred years only to come, the secular no matter how can not limit the extension of nature, wild children on what to have to be in the heart, dark days can not do, Want to let her out, and do not intend to take back.

05 Denim most of the wild child, and has always been a variety, worn on the body, want to run where to go where the freedom of the wind Coupled with the badge of the set off, is a taste of the wild child, who would like to see, not to mention still do not pick the body of the paragraph, ouch, just too fashion.

What is autumn?

What is autumn? Is about to burn the red leaves or the streets of the plane trees fall yellow butterfly? Is the sweet and sweet taste of the sweet orange or the rain after the wet taste of the soil? Is the clear sky row crane on the sky of the hearty or leisurely chess pieces off the light of the leisurely?

01 The weather is always volatile, cool air is the breath of water, yesterday just off the rain. The night to cover all the traces of it in its black robe, but still able to hear the rustle, rustle, rain fell on the grass sound. Is the sound of the autumn?

02 The field of wheat is cooked, is the golden color. Roadside sycamore leaves began to yellow, leisurely the name of the child from the tree down. Is yellow fall? Just like a corduroy touch? Just like a tooling jacket? Like an annoying sun hanging in the sky?

03 But what is that red? What is the lush green? Long clothes fall in the autumn wind, drift out of the elegant curvature. Tiny dense pin outlines one side warm. Fall, what is cold? Or is it warm? Maybe it is clothing wholesale in nice design.

04 The sky among the laughed a group of birds, the city can only see the sparrow only. Those who waved the wings of the twitter of the elf already with the reinforced concrete settled away from us. Autumn, do you remember what they look like?

05 Flowers in the flowers are open all year round, fragrant aroma is almost fascinating. Autumn like to park there, autumn, what are you? Is that fragrant raindrops? Or is that sunny field?


Large pocket is magic to storage dream

I have a big pocket in my clothing wholesale, can hold the spring flowers of the summer trees, but also can be loaded with autumn leaves of winter snowflakes. I have a big pocket, can hold the joy of childhood nowadays, the vow of youth and the dedication of growth. Look at the pocket of those changes, how to dress up the dream of dress properly.

01 For example, how many points would you play like this army green? It has been with us for a long time, but do not think it is out of date, but to make the workplace women find a bit of active atmosphere, is also very appropriate, big pocket to install what equipment?

02 There are always a few girls are preferred denim fabric, every season can find the best expression of denim feelings. Big fur collar will let people ignore the cowboy has been thickened, but the warm we will never perfunctory, PU stitching big pockets, so that the denim think of a lot of personality in the past.

03 Perhaps the youth can be like this, there are pink and soft, orange sweet and sour, overlapping each other is the taste of youth favorite. Big pockets, big lapel, bat shirt, each element should be larger than others, so the people who wear clothes is slim.

04 Imagine that you have a pair of angel wings, with their own fleeting and setbacks. Of course, know that this is not possible, so particularly like the wings on the pocket, dip a dip festive, so that they look more brave and more perfect, all the way forward live up to expectations.

05 Early winter weather there is a short coat is a good choice, was significantly thin, as long as the material is good enough, you can resist the cold wind. Classic khaki how to see are people contented, double pocket design gives a unique impression of the first, how good the feeling it is.


Flowers and lines: find the beauty of the clothing

Petals the same face, wicker children the same figure, who looked do not like this kind of lady? Today, dress up with everyone from the flowers and lines began to find the beauty of the clothing wholesale, to explore your own potential.

01 The imprint of youth is always extraordinarily due to certain elements. Remember the junior high school crazy chase drama, the heroine that prettily looks always fascinating, they have the slimmest body, a hiding in the hairy coat; it will become very well behaved. Popular and can be beautiful but has not changed.

02 Want to wear the beautiful feeling, first of all to have a certain grasp of fashion trends. Has long been predicted to be popular quiet blue, such as about the sight of everyone in the show, how, have not been sweet to? There is such a blue in the body, it is estimated that any trouble are not easily close to you.

03 Life needs beauty, work also need beauty, this beauty is not enchanting, but a spirit, a capable. Slim shirt how to wear the beauty, both suitable for work wear, but also suitable for weekdays to wear, with a package hip skirt, proper elegance is moving.

04 Skirt born for women and do, so only women can wear clothing skirt charm. The woman wearing a skirt will always be more attention; the kind of self-confidence from the inside and outside the distribution of temperament is less than the other clothes. In order to fulfill the potential of the body beautiful, the girls must learn to wear a good skirt.

05 Blue melancholy most girl feelings, as long as the girls, the hearts of a sweet princess dream, in this dream, they wear the most beautiful dress, and the people who work together to dance, wayward to enjoy their own the little happiness, who would say that this girl is not beautiful?

Look at the beautiful surprise of clothing from the point and line

2017 year the spring and summer New York fashion show gives us a strong visual shock, from the point of the fine rules, the line of enchanting soft, colorful three angles to convey the beauty of our clothing wholesale, the following we understand the dotted line to give us a surprise.

01 Small box to pass the point of the beauty, may use a variety of forms of expression, embroidery and hollow are nice. Through the two layers of fabric superimposed and the outer fabric of the square tailoring, the inner layer of fabric color exposed to form a fine dot pattern, coupled with super-profile and modern yellow-green, it became fashionable equipment that people must choose.

02 Dots, there are big and small dots, hollow tailoring shows a fine point-like, and embroidery printing scattered distribution also formed a big point of feeling. Exquisite embroidery flowers, crisp with a type of fabric, waist is thin version of the type, lovely sweet doll collar, is a lot of women dream of clothes.

03 Hollow printing is not enough, the letter printing to join in the fun! When the most primitive wavelet points and the combination of letters, dotted in the navy jacket, personalized fashion, highlighting the campus girl’s youth vitality feeling, regardless of shopping, or sports wear, are extremely appropriate.

04 A dark sleeveless suit wagons, serious and mature, adding some stripes embellishment, without affecting the original sense of professionalism at the same time it is a low-key add a bit of personality and fashion, gestures between the modern atmosphere of European and Chinese chic style.

05 Stripes and wave points every time in the clothes, are their main characters, but this time staged a fashionable show. To stripes as the protagonist, dots as a supporting role, to the professional shirt to bring a great surprise, the office queen of the fashion is none other than you.

It is fun and interesting of the clothing designed by dots

To ask this year what is the most cute and lovely clothing wholesale elements, I believe most people will answer the dots. Yes, the dots in full compliance with this aesthetic taste, and this year’s dots clothing style is also changeable, presumably will set off a carnival of dots.

01 Contrast color of the package so that the details become different, lovely dots are full of youthful vitality, small round lapel with butterfly knot with interpretation of the sweet lady feeling, splicing orange cotton hem is elegant and graceful. Waist design can wear a belt of the trousers, easy to create slim waist and improve fashion beauty.

02 In front of the design of the folds is easy to create elegant vision and clever shading, fine lotus leaf made of collar and lantern sleeves with the distribution of elegant court temperament. Wide edge of the elastic band waist shape, in the spring and summer is sweet and generous.

03 Small dots in the sapphire blue fabric, just like stars, blue and white combination is also very fresh and eye-catching. The front of the lace of the hem lace to create a lovely lady feeling, bow tie with the collar of the bow tie clever echo, so that the details are full of chic feeling.

04 Waist with a belt, both can be used as a skirt and a coat, can be described as two birds with one stone. Elegant tailoring of the upper body effect is very obvious temperament, not too thick polyester fabric anti-wrinkle and durable, badges to enhance its momentum, version of the type of minimalist atmosphere, having very European stylish style.

05 The characteristic of the dot is quite lovely as dotted dog’s feeling, its collar is extended from the shoulder, bring a unique, artistic beauty, puff sleeve elegant and generous, slim version of the type of good body, in the waist belt can be a single wear.

Sweater, how can you lack of it in the clothes

We are always used to dress up the focus on the coat, it is not true, the sweater is also very important of clothing wholesale. A just right sweater, may be dull with bright together, may be serious and vibrant with the fashion up, it may also make the whole match with more youth by age. Come and choose a suitable sweater.

01 Is it possible for you to have all of your potential? The original intertwined color yarn and a special convex and concave texture sense, to enhance the three-dimensional effect it. Bright moving red and stylish and convenient long sleeve, whether it is a single wear, or as a basic clothing inside, both will be very beautiful.

02 Cold weather with the wind, the color of clothes are getting more and more dark about the color, but still inseparable from the literary style. Purple, dark purple and indigo trio, like a melodious song, singing the winter of different kind of style, wear out the demure and elegant art of the atmosphere.

03 We want a black and white world, there is no blurred gray area, with stripes to interpret the most appropriate. The combination of black and white tells us that life is right and wrong, but also expressed the independence of the distinctive fashion attitude. With a bright coat to the world declared: wonderful is everywhere.

04 Cat, lovely and enchanting meow star, but also sexy charming Persian cat, two different styles can be for different preferences of women choose, really considerate. Coupled with a small collar, more highlights the Japanese and Korean girl’s sweet feeling, the image of the lively girl next door vividly appears.

05 The vast sea, no one is not aspire to. At the seaside, there are glowing blossoming flowers, waves of the sweet sound of the beach, as well as fun to play the small fish. Introverted navy as the deep sea, white fish in the arms of the sea has free life, very comfortable the printing it is.

Locomotive jacket to help you be a handsome woman in autumn

Locomotive jacket, is not too thin but not thick, profile shape is very stiff, style hardness and softness, even if the weak woman wearing the clothing wholesale, will be the appearance of feminine interpretation of heroic state. Fashion trend of the pace of which women can no longer have the established wearing, followed by their own preferences, feeling to go, the most realistic of their most beautiful aspect.

01 Multi-piece fabric stitching three-dimensional models is a great choice for the modification of stature, tall and straight in the feminine beauty, clean and neat cut does not contain a trace of dragging feeling. And summer soft black and white dress with, both men and women, a glance will feel good.

02 The use of the Korean shrug of the concept to increase the lack of woman’s masculine, an inexplicable British style will hit the feeling at the first sight, a small stand to join the nothing more than to make the handsome feeling more intense. Reckless collar exposed the personality of the rendering T-shirt, the woman’s rare open-mindedness also revealed.

03 When the soft and graceful skirt encounters a clear outline of the motorcycle jacket, a strong contrast between the lines but so inclusive and so perfect, was presented on the unparalleled visual feast. Love is graceful, scared is gestures, both small woman’s enchanting and big woman’s dignified atmosphere can also have the original.

04 No more complicated design of the leather is quite easy-matching, the former back of the line using the car line naturally highlight the advantages of various parts of the body. Although it is low-key enough, but because of simple and atmospheric style and has a strong sense of presence, in its participation, with a variety of simple or complex clothes can get along with the finishing touch of magical effect.

05 Cute but also handsome. In fact, it is not contradictory. Today’s leather has been declared the main tone of the situation, a variety of colors have emerged, of course, including the good cause of the peach red. Even if it is cool and neat to the ultimate motorcycle leather, can not resist the sweet feeling to attack.

Good sweater in the hands with fashion

Men do not understand why the girls’ wardrobe is always the lack of the most needed one of clothing wholesale, obviously the closet has long been piling up, casually gets one can be enough fashionable and classic, but fashionable girls in that turn over and then pick up indecisive. In fact, it cannot blame the man silly, even if the clothes is fashionable enough, it is not enough to release the moment of romantic girls, but exposure to low temperature season, having a good sweater in the hand fashion really do not worry.

01 Good sweater has fashion and warm with the pattern is the youth college girl’s favorite, romantic interpretation of retro, the color is enough knowledge, maybe you have no thought of using coarse wool pullover will have fun transcendence of tall. The connotation of the luxury is necessary; please hold your eyes to take a clothing, the most bad can also show a mix of personality.

02 Do not pick the body shape is not so important, the small bat sleeves trampled seems to have a natural sense of grace, but also incidentally romantic little uninhibited, so beautiful looks like a lazy handsome girl, especially the plush stitching, Extremely innovative, warm enough to challenge the sweet feeling.

03 The girl wearing a white sweater will always be fancy glance, not for the vassal fashionable appearance pure, only be fascinated by the reckless pure. This time invisible the most stylish, tranquil that is the soul of the romantic.

04 Fashion prefers rose red feminine feeling, perhaps because of a slightly soft luster and little woman’s gentle and soft waxy somewhat like, but this one is full of beautiful bright, more beautiful than the rose red, such as youth girls have strong vitality and passion.

05 Hot red doll collar, the color is new, people can feel the first time the surging passion, and even a bit of the penniless of the true, chest or distribution of the hemp pattern, high score rendering the princess sweet, simple and expansive.

Coat in short length can be much more chic

Saying that no wind and no snow days can help women be much more chic, the mood can also be a little bit happy, it feels like time to reverse, and then return to the weather with soft wind and daylight. The more convenient the more chic can the clothing wholesale be, so the coat be a little bit short, not only can make the age of youth be particularly handsome, but also can be lively with refined spirit.

01 Plus a little slim waist is thin, profile flow line will not be so partial neutral, warmth like your little childhood, with a pure music to enjoy the warm, burr hair collar and fur cuffs, literally slightly exaggerated, but it is completely not so expensive with pure color.

02 Whether it is called a baseball jacket or short coat, they are the same way to achieve the same dynamic small fresh destination, the letter printing plus grid embossed, both the top have the chic style of the fashion, there are youthful and playful of the coat,. A fashion has no problem with it.

03 It is thought that the baseball shirt is summer and autumn fashion exclusive, after all, those seasons are the most suitable for climbing and picnic, but I do not know the wind and snow in the winter, cotton jacket can also be so beautiful and young, stripe thread together with the hit color stitching has vitality.

04 Do not underestimate those seemingly inconspicuous stripes stitching, fashionable changes can be dynamic depends on it, such as that pierced on the night sky meteor flash, it can make black pure classic to be vivid enough to lead to a good impression.

05 Loose collar and horn sleeves, often encounter these nice designs and then think of the so-called British intellectual cape romantic, the horn sleeves are higher than the general stand large tailoring, with a few of the Chinese ancient elegance, short but no procrastination of the style is particularly fashionable.