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The wind is blowing in the summer

Long dress in the commute can be regarded as very safe, neither afraid of running out without fear of leaders have opinions on the skirt length. But still have to find their own lively inner release a place, beautiful sweater chain above the stripes, it will not extinguish the light.

01 Candy colors occupy an important position in the summer, whether it is commuting or leisure, they are a bear with many sister expectations and aspirations for the beauty. Chest organ folds and lotus leaf sleeves full summer style, knees above the skirt fluttering to seduce numerous heart.

02 In the evening with high quality Korean fashion wholesale, the tall skyscrapers obscured the last glimmer of light, yet the day was still clear, the stars and the moonlight were still lazy, and the neon lights could not wait to flicker. Meet the printing of the skirt, pure and fresh and elegant between the gorgeous, relaxed summer comfortable dress, everywhere is the scenery.

03 Can not deny this summer’s kind invitation, had to spend more time dressing wholesale clothes, so as not to be defeated by the summer. Delicate embroidery finally into the city’s fast-paced, ethnic flavor is not so strong, but the refreshing blue-green department is the public appetite, but also allows petite girls pretty summer.

04 Recently I learned that rough and strong twill denim can be called denim fabric, another name suddenly felt cowboy does not seem so unassuming, but presents a small feminine. Is not it right, package hip skirts accepted the cowboy show good, meaning of gentle overnight.

05 Can give up the black, but do not want to give up organza yarn printing chic. Through the strong contrast of color, it shows the unique organza yarn, crisp texture to make A character dress more obvious, different styles with different upper and lower allows us to get significantly higher courtesy.

Dress to fashion, coat to help

In fact, comfortable to wear can also increase the value of the high quality Korean fashion wholesale, if you and me lazy used to, if wearing a fitting match with the body of the dress, always crush looked upright abdomen, you suddenly feel hands and feet do not know where’s the place? Well, forget it, to the summer to stay slightly elegant and dignified, or wide blouse with wide leg pants of the free posture, make you look more beautiful.

01 Remember when we were young we are not so particular about wearing, as long as a pair of jeans comfortable to wear, worn to wear reluctant to change. I did not expect turns, hole jeans turned out to be super in fashion style.

02 Wardrobe variety of cheap clothes from China, but each always could not help but think about today can wear T-shirt to go out. Yes, so many small shirts, flower skirts are clouds, a soft and elastic fabric T-shirt, white cooling effect comes with added, the summer is always good.

03 Long section outside the ride, particularly popular in the last two years, perhaps it is creating a sense of elegant and elegant too tempting to stop. Many beautiful girl, no matter what material to wear clothes, like to use it to highlight their own temperament. Silk fabrics, the most out of elegant feeling, whether it is dress, or T-shirt, shorts, as long as it is worn together, will be very harmonious.

04 Crocheting details, in each of them have joined the deep romance, as if the brush specifically with “love” to color, was able to draw this smart pattern. Strong sense of impact in the collision of two different colors become more apparent, irregular hem seems a bit cute, but the overall feeling is still elegant to the bones.

05 Brilliant printing impressive, fringed use, so that this cardigan full of stylish atmosphere. For girls who wants to go to the beach and want to do sunscreen work, this cardigan will certainly bring a unique cool feeling. Every step forward, imagine the various elements of the body will also be followed by jumped up, it feels really wonderful.

Alternate length, the beauty within reach

Gradually shorter daytime and the evening came earlier and earlier. Alternate length, not just fall with their attributes, from long sleeves to clothing length to long pants, and follow this, the new beauty at your fingertips.

01 White T-shirt in the high quality Korean fashion wholesale is doing my wild single product, although their own singled out nothing to be attracted, but with the minute incarnation. Striking a knot, using black and white to interpret the navy style, the sleeve length can easily cope with the fall.

02 Because it is thick and thin junction, so get hold of lukewarm sense of proportion is even more need to weigh. The feeling of going home sooner or later is completely different from that at noon, so I can calmly face the cold wind in the early morning, and the chiffon shirt with the sleeves at noon is worth more careful selection and good possession.

03 Is to help in an instant to recall that from the neckline to the dress are meticulous to go to the feast of the era, simple with a slightly soft atmosphere. Must believe that there is a magical dovetail strength, from the back of the glimpse of the gap between the time angle, while the front remains the present itself.

04 In September, there is a date with trousers. Tone is full of joy and look forward to look like. Like the gray and black sister grasps the right autumn, jeans pants stretch out the slender legs. The heart of a small young seven-year-old girl, like all the bright colors of sweet, cute print, like to wear them on the body in perspective in the mirror of himself. Girl favorite for the bear printing, probably is the case, it will not wait for income into the closet.

05 Solid color does not mean there is not much aspect, it is possible to take off the coat, you will find small sharks on the sleeve is swimming. Short sweater with pants is the most need to try the direction, with short skirts and pantyhose, but also very well.