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And finally get the denim jacket for cool autumn

Denim fabric is enough tall and straight with strong personality makes it difficult to ignore its existence among Korean clothes wholesale, even though there are a lot of summer denim vest can choose for yourself, vest and other tops a single product to choose from, but after the beginning of the weather to be immediately cool, does your denim jacket get ready?

01 Can not extricate myself fall in love with the denim skirt with the free, easy feelings that can be presented at the same time, just like the afternoon baked cake with sweet and fresh feeling, which is memorable. Even has the pear-shaped figure of the body, the girl can also use the dress and denim fabric pairing to deduce the fashion, wear the thin and slim appearance.

02 Short section of the release of the denim jacket has exquisite sense of selflessness, giving the feeling of being detached seems to even a word does not want to say that this happens to be in the skirt. The sleeves rolled up can be much more handsome; all the sleeves down, we can see well-behaved feeling.

03 To identify the denim fabric’s personality, from the metal buttons and jeans color can be self-identification. If want to be more cute and gentle, light-colored jeans is the first choice. With the same fabric soft succulent floral dress, the sweet and lovely feelings can come out naturally.

04 Hand-nail beads full of front and rear shoulder position, add the personality of the denim coat into the sense of weight, enhance the sense of existence, but the denim jacket is not so bulky and burly, on the contrary, the shoulder line carefully to maintain a narrow width, and choose the light color of the dress for accompany, but not enchanting charming, I feel the exquisite feminine.

05 Superb national style embroidery craft in the denim jacket on the show, but not dazzling colorful colors, leaving only the unique style of taste to render. Cool handsome jacket still retains the waist of the vest line design, even to show masculinity of the style, have to keep the beauty of the figure.


Wearing suitable skirt not afraid of fashion

Suits is the easiest way to be fashion without thinking, girl has no experience of the use of color is really lucky to have this kind of Korean clothes wholesale. What’s more, the best way to buy short skirt is to purchase two-piece dress, but to remember, clothes and skirt’s style is both complementary , side by side, but also have their own unique irreplaceable landscape.

01 Fashion will not be purple only to please the oriental girl, but it has a fatal temptation to those cute ladies. A glimpse of this year’s mainstream color is not difficult to find that elegant and classic level of purple will become a hot fashion in the next year, there is gorgeous diamond-studded retro, so that a variety of purple win the love of girl’s wear fashionable list.

02 The choice of short skirts in a certain extent depends on the style of daily wear, so to create a wild section, but all-matching style does not mean that it can be bland, on the contrary, it should be with the shirt with a beautiful transformation. Prerequisites must be simple and characteristic.

03 Choosing skirt is not suitable for blindly chasing popular clothing, but should be fully consider their own temperament and body restrictions, since can be called popular, it will be suitable for most people, which is not just competitive pressure. If it is easy to reveal the taste of mediocre and lack of personality, even if it is similar model, can still highlight the difference.

04 Style showing needs professional input, the prevalence of national style has the feeling of fashion not only a preference for a certain cultural tastes, but also is deeply benevolent personality release, individual shows professional charm, in the national suit and style of the selection, abandoning its understanding of the connotation and color is too plain, the wear should not be general.

05 For those women who love the popular style, we must bear in mind the fashionable proverb that “buy one piece of clothing is enough”. Popular point of view is to buy only in the counters, do not buy clothing in high imitation. With the quality assurance , even is the popular model, can make it easy to see its taste is not normal.