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Geometric impression in gorgeous autumn situation

Geometric is unpredictable unknown attraction, will be simple, complicated two different styles of inner balance, level change change wonderful, abstract shape, color pattern play turned over for the clouds perched for the rain, in the simple aesthetic field, to point line shape of the composition of it has a very pure magic and super plasticity, with a unique dynamic appearance to create a variety of seasonal sense of wholesale clothes.

01 Will have a autumn and winter style made of black and white angle, such as spring-like dynamic, tension, sharp corners produce visual compression feel clever was thin, but the impression of the straight line and make people think it seems to automatically bounce, even an elegant style also makes people feel the supreme vitality.

02 The beauty of the autumn there is no bright color, goose yellow deep blue rose in the white background as the rainbow as blooming, curved stripes, although slightly wider than the straight stripes more contraction was thin effect, but also more tactful aftertaste, sweater pack skirt two collar type, subtle with a sexy, warm and no lack of fresh, the color so beautiful are not hidden in the coat.

03 Umbrella cloak and the type of the most high street style, petite body wrapped in blankets warm intimate and domineering exposed are fascinating, cortical metal buckle highlights the noble British temperament, yellow camel black and white color pattern bright atmosphere and very seasonal, classic single product fashion unbeaten, and retro hat length boots, preferred black, perfect match.

04 Graffiti wool jacket as a classic one of the classic British classic, but also a good dress can wear many years of the evergreen section, checkered woolen different combinations of different ways to represent the meaning of different styles, chic style and fashion in one of the classic elements, horizontal and vertical, the thickness of the light and shade scattered meticulous, basic color changing rapidly, watching it, feel exquisite and rich.

05 Big plaid pattern is very chic, white, pink, light blue, wine red combination, as if facing the fresh sea breeze and clean sunshine, walk in the sunshine coast, passing red wine, taste a sweet and dessert French dessert, fresh and bright colors collision out of cross-border art association, it is accompanied by warm life, full of elegant and free to wear style.

Do not stand in front of the closet thinking nothing

You are so good, that is reluctant to own good. See the favorite wholesale clothes, always do not bother to buy buy, hesitated, tangled, painful, and this result is the last out of the time, can only sigh in front of the closet in a daze, repeat hesitation, tangled with pain. This experience more, you have not thought about, if the early encounter dress dress, learn that classic wear style, you will not be as helpless as now.

01 Although the denim is popular, but it is called to wear on the point of view, it is still very happy. There are many girls preferred spring and autumn jacket are made by denim fabric, which is enough to prove that the denim in the hearts of everyone can not shake the status about fashion. Handsome denim jacket, always able to create a lot of unexpected surprises.

02 Skirt is always the best way for girls to reward themselves. Classic undefeated wild skirt, you can safely through the spring and autumn. Deep v-neck interpretation of the female is unique to the gentle, and the package hip skirt intimate contact, in order to feel the skirt for the body’s meticulous and considerate.

03 Basic shirt must be regarded as an indispensable wardrobe single product. Whether it is casual wear alone, or for some specific clothes backing, its importance is self-evident. The simpler the more able to withstand the test of time, more to a different color, rich your wardrobe with it.

04 There must be a lot of girls having collection of a lot of training on the vest of the dynamic map, each time to see someone else’s perfect body is always envious, but they do not really have to pay for a better body. To know that others in the paste autumn fat, it is a good time for your fitness.

05 The more young you are then the more to challenge the bright colors, because the bright colors are often the best to enhance the color. A block of bright pieces, with a gushing out of the vitality. Follow the color to go, it will never be out of the fashion team, and hit the color in, but also let the ride easier.

06 How popular is the khaki windbreaker? Go to the street to see, you will get the answer. The classic khaki seems to have become synonymous with the windbreaker people can think of. So the personality of the coat, the most easy to wear on the streets of the chic style, your wardrobe is not complete after all.

Time to freeze the beautiful moment in clothes

Every wonderful scene, every moving picture, want to record it, so that time freeze in the beautiful moment. Leaves no longer obsessed with the high branches of the tree, the tree unable to retain the leaves of the left, our vision gradually no leaves, only the solitary branches. So, we put the leaves into the wholesale clothes, with jacquard way to stop it, a retro art is filled with the atmosphere.

01 Travel, to the ethnic minorities, naturally we must do as the Romans. In the sleeves to add ethnic customs of color yarn jacquard, simple and low-key and has a unique, not only make you feel beautiful every day, but also can help you more quickly into the local people.

02 In the sweater hit color, jacquard, plus tassels and so see more, but the lovely doll head you seen it? The black and white lovely doll head and pure broken red together, fun and personality, big and wild, wearing a autumn and winter the most common black jacket, can bring out the sweater bright.

03 Do not like too much decoration, just like the most simple and beautiful, it may wish to look at this sets of sweater it. Intoxicated wine red fashion elegant and feminine charm, ultra-short version of the type, with high waist skirt or high waist pants, have to adjust the proportion of the body, to create a model body effects.

04 See the love of things, always can not help but come up with a cell phone to take a photo. The square side of the clothes printed like a frame, to help you freeze the beautiful moment down. In addition, A-shape Korean version of your fashion at the same time also blocked the waist and abdomen of the small meat, was thin effect absolute bar.

High collar is invincible

Is the default for the winter hand wholesale clothes one of the elements, and then to the low collar shirt popular cover to the scenery hidden, until the fashion to seize the frequency of pulsation, high collar time then became popular. It is born warm temperament and kindness, occasionally a little rebellious, but could not stop the favorite of the invincible.

01 Want to knit once a day so easy and willing, alone cotton latitude and longitude overlap has a very soft and soft touch. High-necked sweaters can create a cold or lively character on solid color, low-key high-grade gray and natural bright candy color almost always standing on the opposite side. Can be colored pieces of each other to bring the fusion, but not so, it seems very harmonious get along with it.

02 The meaning of retro, never confined to the rituals of the rudeness of the ritual palace. It is a little bit in the Phoebe Aberdeen awakening, along the clever carved nine corridors step by step closer to the world. Light snow drift, turned into a white velvet to meet the past and now.

03 It is very natural to take it as an inside, but it does not mean that it must be so. Each of the wild single product has a glowing new character, as long as a little bit of external force to activate it, such as a sweater chain, a hat with the same color, a just right of the needle, you can.

04 The sky is still shining in the ears. Lace is born soft and charming, as if another need to care for the existence. No matter what color collar, it just appeared, always set off a name called the United States to hold the face of the wave.

05 Can not call it as a thought, because it is only their own shiny place woven into every bright and dark, waiting for the bright shine. Rose jacquard delicate and delicate, wine red tone of the bottom shirt quietly hidden fragrance hidden.

Overturn mediocre! The summer short sleeve should be wear in this way

In addition to sunscreen, summer basic wholesale clothes are not related to long sleeves. Most of the time in the hot season, short sleeves and sleeveless are the best choice. All kinds of short sleeves do not seem to have difference, but do the girls really know how to pick the right short sleeve? Do not underestimate it.

01 One of the common styles of short sleeves is a small flying sleeve, almost in the sleeveless style can only cover the shoulder, the degree of cover of the arm is basically zero. In this case, the arm with a little meat should choose a knitted cardigan.

02 The most popular style is just to reach the upper half of the length of the arm, as long as the shoulders and arms of the lines will not be too fat because of the formation of a clear hair of the arc, you can keep calm and put on it. Thanks to the fat, you can pay attention to the time to buy cuffs around.

03 Arm is easier to decide the first impression about fat and thin part of the body than the legs, even if the waist is not so general in the sense of thin, but also give a weight illusion that the body is absolutely so light. Therefore, the arm and butterfly sleeves, have to take advantage of the clothing to be chic as much as possible.

04 Yarn and lace hollow part, and the color of the body is basically the same, to maintain the overall unity. Hollow part of the visual appearance of a transparent feeling, and the clothing need to cool each other in the tailoring. At the same time because of looming hidden feeling, but also make the fat feeling becomes invisible.

05 Dress and T-shirt is the most popular clothing for short sleeve design, compared to commuter or casual all kinds of skirt coat, sportswear is very low-key. Lace short sleeve used in sports suits, lively and playful style also incorporates a bit elegant atmosphere.

Exquisite enough is the red, girl can highlight the feminine

Baby face or crazy character, full of girl’s atmosphere, in a little mature wholesale clothes the children will always be wearing some adult clothes feeling, then want to express a trace of feminine girls, how to wear style is much more suitable for herself? The easiest way is the most correct way to choose, may wish to wear a touch of red.

01 Although the evaluation of the flirtatious red, but also not suitable for rough open way, ease like a looming curtain, first with a touch of plaid red test, the wind seems to be raised girl ‘s sweet atmosphere, but still has more than a trace of tenderness.

02 Bright red with a little black dress is also authentic classic. When the time of the young, the most inappropriate is to cover up the beauty of the beauty given, if it is still follow the shallow princess feeling or minimalist denim style, then you can add more colors for your own life, some bright colors, so that the whole year is flying up.

03 Do not look down on a simple T-shirt, wearing a good partner T-shirt in the red passion, even with plain white pants such a cold style, but also cannot withstand the general enthusiasm of this fire, cannot conceal this bright halo.

04 Under the bright sunshine in the summer, in the sky full of white skirt, your touch of red can always make a person find out, and will never forget. Lively can also belong to the goddess, is not marching high heels come from the sexy generous, the forest of the wizard is also full of unique charm.

05 Whether it is a red shirt, T-shirt, dress, or even skirt, as long as this wipes flirtatious red, you can become the best between youth and women blending agent. Even red bags, with the appropriate matching, as you want, dress will return to you.

Hot pants, the more heat the more “cool”

Pants short to the limit can still be unscrupulous, skirt is not ok with this. If you are a heroic mixed with a casual feeling girl, choosing hot pants is more insurance, sexy and will not emptied. As for the style, diversity as much as skirt, whether you are rock style or sweet style, can find your own wholesale clothes to fit you.

01 Thin denim shorts in the summer is extremely useful, with a simple letter T-shirt will be able to have fresh vitality of the youthful atmosphere. Blend to do the old one to enrich the level of pants, and second to three-dimensional overall pants type, conducive to the modification of the body curve.

02 Checkerboard and black and white color are seasonal elements are popular, the combination of the two greatly enhance the fashionable pants index. Bright yellow leather belt belt extremely eye-catching, there is a thick summer flavor. Top with the choice of solid color as simple as possible models.

03 Sweet pleats for a simple hot pants close to the skirt, fresh and soft next to the woman temperament to be contrast. Warm and feminine pink orange eye-catching and warm, with a printed chiffon shirt to create a rural girl’s natural pure appearance. Popular clothing in the summer, this pants is the first choice.

04 Do the old processing of the feathers trousers rolled, positive and negative contrast with the level of a unified. Whitening effect to enhance the three-dimensional sense of pants, to a certain extent, modified legs. Elegant crossed strap design fluttering in a small sexy.

05 Delicate white embroidery embellished jeans trousers edge, in the cowboy tough neutral temperament smear feminine. Trousers to do the old edged personality and soft, with slightly loose pants type off the unique feminine. Waist and hip line is not ideal, you can borrow pocket design to adjust the pants.


Short jacket on the line, easy to get rid of changing season’s embarrassment

Although it is not willing to face such a reality, but the passage of time is so cruel. Fortunately, the season is gorgeous enough to let us forget the growth of sadness. Seasonal wholesale clothes need a short coat to help out the embarrassment of the changing season that will soon be faced.

01 There is no femininity as soft and gentle feeling in the baseball short coat, perhaps because the woman’s sense of autonomy becomes more apparently, showing in dress in a variety of styles can be managed easily. Bright blue color of the elegant temperament covers the changing elegant leisurely feeling.

02 Rose red on the background of the color and no one can compare it better, in the glossy full of fabric under the emphasis on the white effect is more obvious. Comparing the same leisure style, loose design can be much more slim, thick design will have different gestures because of the length of the coat, being less bloated can have much more refreshing spirits.

03 The fluffy touch is the winter character, the transitional season is inseparable from this dependence. Separate look at each color is not exciting enough, and even make you be bored, but the contrast color is so wonderful, which can become unexpected.

04 Jacket is leisurely so that the grace of the fur does not exist, the lower the challenge, the audience area is more extensive. The fusion of the color of the chic and style of random, but still can occupy the visual center, jeans can be used with a pleasant matching with short coat.

05 Time is farther and farther, more and more thin coat in the changing pursuit of gorgeous fashion. The same is the baseball coat, there is no thick section of the warmth, but with the seasonal changes in the brisk. Embroidered flower is exquisite and color is clear, with it the embarrassing changing season will no longer exist.

What kind of fabric can make you be young?

Want to achieve the effect of reducing age, often using a combination of style and color method in wholesale women clothing, cute and lovely posture is fresh and natural value of the most likely to cause the resonance of age, it is better if can have some small details such as bowknot. Then the problem comes, what kind of fabric can achieve the effect of reducing age?

The answer is of course denim clothing wholesale. Although once was heavy, and no longer trendy, but it is indeed able to reduce the traces of years, to maintain a sense of loneliness. Long T-shirt plus denim skirt, the most popular two-piece wholesale clothes encounter the most classic fabric, do not be strict with the age is a good way to reduce age.

Because the fabric of the unique latitude and longitude, denim skirt can appear in our wholesale fashion dress all year round. Summer has high temperature, denim can use splicing to change the heavy visual effects, which is full of personality and is not so difficult to control.

As an easy-matching fabric, the denim fabric is suitable for the most people. In the world we can see that no matter men, women and children, as long as their own willingness, life can have a denim shadow. Depth of the denim of the collision, irregular stitching, with a white shirt the matching effect is very good, as if the youth has always been with you.