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Attitude freely, why fear the temperature difference

If the autumn is still at double degree of the temperature, then what will become the very interesting wholesale clothing to wear. Because it is the most test skills and ability to spend time thinking mix and lap and the necessary package will have a small number of clusters. She has her opinion, do not need to answer.

01 Because the dress is such a wonderful non-stop single product, so it will be numerous in the year to pursue numerous praise. Probably diligent girl will be one day irritable every day to think about with their own, big print and black stitching out of the high waist skirt will be so beautiful.

02 How much fat and the feeling of cold degree in the eyes of the girls, simply disproportionate. Everyone knows that even if the thin people wrapped in a two or three layers of the ride together with the down jacket is still beautiful, but not cold to that season, so loose sweater can still rely on careless lazy neutral wind to win a place of a place.

03 Every autumn, it will open and coat the single love. I say,and you listen, and then quarrel with each other apart from each other, and then do not tweak out of sincerity, in exchange for each other embrace the love of love. Fine color check is my favorite look, but also you always adhere to the simple design.

04 Dress has always been the same temper, and some ladies have some elegant and some exaggerated personality. Many people say that red is actually a very challenging color, in the crowd as bright as the traffic lights dazzling, must rely on a strong heart and exquisite details light plus color.

05 Most of the time, the details are decided to dress up whether the skill of the deep place. For example, the body is not obvious but close to see it can be found in its fine composition of the jacquard, a thick line of innovation just the belt, or hidden in the clavicle that little faint metallic color, or a beautiful fit wide eaves hat.

How about a set of camouflage?

Accustomed to the tone is given priority to with black and white in fall&winter, is equal to used to monotonic dress up.In a good mood it does not matter,but in a bad mood,it is easily caught in depression and unable to extricate themselves.Rather than sit back and wait, it would be nice to change the pattern once in a while.Camouflage wholesale clothing also is a good choice.

When the weather starts to get colder, there will be lots of on the street with mink collar. Besides for wind protection, fashion is one of the characteristics that can’t be underestimated.So such a feast, the camouflage cannot be missed, to combine with mink collar,just like the nature.

All year round is the conventional image, oneself is not tired of capricious woman also should be bored.Luckily,the consciousness of camouflage is relatively high, make adjustment in time.Even the sexy which is most difficult to grasp also can be able to manage perfectly.

It’s almost the ambition of almost all women to have an unpopular wholesale pants, after all, the legs are half the length of the body,if you’re not careful, everything is ruined.Camouflage trousers, both sports and daily, are special and worth having.

Women who have not yet bought a favored down coats,please follow me to see.The camouflage is definitely a wholesale women clothes that cannot miss.As a well-deserved new model, this camouflage down jacket won very thoroughly, perfectly explain “high-end atmosphere, low-key luxury”.

Tassel plays different fashion

Women are no strange for tassels, and even can be said to be very familiar with the wholesale clothing decorated by tassels, at the same time, for its impression is also very fixed, which is the clothing has a few long lines of tassels flying in the wind. Today, the tassels play a new fashion, having surprise level bursting.

01 Put a row of expression, tie the colorful tassels together, and then decorate with three-dimensional bead, the clothing is forming a small team, when the team appears in the orange sweater, there has been a three-dimensional bead rainbow tassel fashion visual sense, I really like it.

02 The classic combination of black and white, of course, will appears in the new shape, but with the way of the performance will be another matter. In the black sweater the white tassel is like a pearl curtain, using well-designed v-collar slit and white tassel pendant decoration, showing a different kind of retro beauty.

03 We often see printing T-shirts in our daily life, there is nothing new thing of it. Well, if matching with the black stitching and chest tassel is a completely different style. A plume of tassels like a layer of mysterious veil, so that the printing presents a looming hazy beauty.

04 Undeniably, the new shape of the tassels is really very chic, but there are also a number of tassels being used into the hem. Well, in the new shape the tassel also appears in the hem position, but there are still small surprises. Weaving a curtain of the diamond shape, and then letting it lay down, the tassel is so soft and fashionable.


Clothing In Sweet Design Is Wonderful

I always believe that the light color in wholesale clothing symbolizes the pure nature’s element. Light blue, for example, just like the endless sky blue of the sky, which is clean and clear. Light green, for instance, just like the lively newly born grass, which is nifty and innocent. The annoyance in the hot summer season seems to disappear easily with this and that light colors.

From the perspective of colors, denim blue belongs to blue color, but according to the function, it belongs to the basic color. There is a denim blue in light blue color, which is easy-matching and sweet. Using basic chiffon shirt matches with the light denim blue color can show the female elegant and confident sides exhaustively.

Keeping the natural feeling of the light color, the clever designer show the texture sense of wholesale women clothes through the delicate lace fabric, in the transparent fabric the clothing is showing a slim body line. Having a nice body shape then you should not miss the nice designed clothing to emphasize the slim feeling of yours.

Dots designed pattern in clothing could be simple but very charming. Typical dots are fashionable for decades. It is lovely, and can also reduce the facial age of yours. Clothing in soft fabric with dots printed pattern is necessary for the wardrobe.