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Winter is wonderful in warm dress

These days are cooling, and no that “winter is too cold to get up” as a reason to resign the capital, had to think of ways to make their own wonderful winter. Fashion wholesale dresses with nice design to tell us that in the inability to fight against the outside world when the dress to make their own dress chic, the effect will be better.

01 Skill is not enough style to make up, only you can not think of, no we can not see. Retro national style, do not necessarily need the color of the romantic or domineering, only need authentic Chinese red can make people convinced.

02 Looks casual, in fact, great. Do you think that it is just that you are tired of it? Wrong, obviously it thought of a better way to show, with a relaxed and lazy look touched the color of the elegant, leather splicing highlights the different material, but also highlights a chic mind.

03 Man’s handsome feeling, a woman’s charming feeling, this is the most important part of the fashion industry. And now, designers increasingly know how to make the two combined. Woolen jacket, lapel’s strength to pass a sonorous and powerful domineering, and the wine is not willing to abandon the past, only as elegant as usual.

04 Simple is really true, the real master will not care how much style is very impressive how complex. They can be a simple round neck with a different sense of hierarchy, but also to give the magic of changes in lines, hairy rough no longer appear, peace of mind to attract attention.

05 In the world without colorful candy, black and white gray from the style of people obsessed. High collar cloak is not difficult to control, and tassel elegant expression of the determination to make you different. Texture, high-end can see at a glance, the winter can not keep the cape escort.

Cheap Korean clothes online

The rise of online shopping, really save a lot of wallet, go to the small city where the small city shopping malls in a circle, you will find those online three or four hundred let you feel your clothes, in the mall even bottom on, wise as you should know how to choose wholesale dresses.

01 Most of the time, we need to control and save, but sometimes, also need to indulge one, taking advantage of the New Year home to the day, to their own with a fur coat, with fur luxury, bring out your gorgeous, Where are not stage fright, easy to deal with friends and eyes critical of the eyes.

02 A person to give people a deep impression, mainly to see temperament, clothes are means, but also presents a perfect temperament shortcut, we must wear temperament, but also to buy temperament.

03 Temperament, intangible but visible, there is temperament also means that taste, is your affirmation and praise of the dress. When you put a gray woolen jacket to wear the body, a small body slender and straight, suit the collar is very time to decorate, your dignified and generous and fashion, so that before the show, amazing.

04 Short neck please automatically choose V-collar argument to catch still have an unrivaled position, but the coat does not need to follow. Round neck coat and lapel or chimney high collar are very match, only to pay attention to is not superimposed round neck, another thin coat will want a day thick knit once to ensure that the temperature is not lost.

05 Wardrobe to find a tight sweater or dress, and skirt high-heeled boots match naturally with a slim version of the A-shaped coat it! Slim, is to start from the inside to start. Loose Han Fan thick needle sweater though lazy feeling full, but with a jacket is really a problem. Slim dress is not necessarily had to be tied to the whole body should take a deep breath, a small A version of the version of the beam is still a black, you can challenge all the wandering.

A ray of light to see the spring so charming

Have to admit that our ability to respond is always a half beat, only just feel the summer is also good, it has come to an end. Fortunately, wholesale dresses in time for us to show the colorful new world, or the lonely for a while. Compared with summer clothes, autumn clothes win in that ray of light.

01 Dress is the first exposure to the light of the field, they quietly in some of the details of the change, so that they will not be forgotten. Lantern sleeves stitching, lace of the permeability makes you feel how many points to have it? Fold into the waist into a just right of the embellishment, so light does not forget to be elegant.

02 It’s not the season of dressing chiffon fabric, knitting but will not say any decline, they begin to let the lush willow and the sky, do not want to wait until the autumn really begin to prepare. Hollow is the premise of light, large hem of the skirt wants to do something different is not difficult to friends.

03 A white shirt is the best match with the autumn, there is a simple student era, you can also have a neat workplace. When the shirt stitching lace, we should enjoy the same season to show friends. Pure white background does not require any embellishment, just let the lace of light on the one.

04 Jump off the heavy lace feeling, even if with the full lace cover will not break the lace inherent light texture, not to mention there are so soft color. The design of the skirt is graceful, challenging the people who wear clothes enough to be confident, and why have we ever given up?

05 In fact, light is not necessarily elegant but can not show heavy visual effects. Lace can be in the delicate and elegant between the ease, you can change between the brisk and solemn, the flowers do not rely on the color of the proportion of the collision, just rely on the release of the angle of dress.

06 Even if it is pure color, the material can also show a different sense of hierarchy. Such as the European organza yarn stripes, from top to bottom to build a large lapel of wonderful feeling. Pure red in the material under the embellishment reveals a few flashing texture, do not follow the trend, to be the best of their own, let the skirt accompany you.


Dressing leisurely, seeing the time and space to reverse

Let the time pass slower in their own body, leaving the impression of the passed year to be slow, perhaps in sight of the inadvertently, youth is still like a sunny gorgeous sun, beloved he still be there for you, I do not know this is how many girl’s common dream, wandering in the dream and between reality, the most practical to play nothing more than the love of leisure, leisurely waiting for time and space reversal in proper wholesale dresses and cheap platform shoes.

01 Youth reversal of the first move, is like a little girl like to re-love the cocky and crazy world, as if the eyes of each flower is necessary in the fairy tale, and she is the dream story of the romantic protagonist, passion makes youth frequently look back reluctant to slip away.

02 Do not let the mature too grow so fast, at least to keep the pure light of this off, like the blue and white striped shirt, which is fresh and visible , The white background is the same declaration of youth.

03 Rebellious is the course of the youth that must go through, even if the passage of time, goodbye that little personality insolent, or could not help but send a sentence that you haven’t grown up, skirt background gradient blooming and worn off, as if a small child’s whim, do not believe that graffiti is the destruction of experts.

04 Poetic art in the girls can not only live in the dream, the real point should be more like a pair of light in the light of the graceful clothing, with gold edge like a very skirt on the leaves of the vines, elegant temperament with any denim fabric once makes the style be uninhibited, at the moment only wish to be delicate and charming.

05 Remember the day of wearing a pair of denim pants? This question with the existence of a sense of plaid shirt can have a fight, a very dramatic positioning, doomed patch and all the holes are only youth marks.

Denim short jacket is the best opening in autumn

This year’s autumn is not too late, almost the summer heat sooner or later it has been formed. Summer wholesale dresses are too late to abandon, autumn has been here in our wardrobe. With the name of wonderful knitting, but also to understand the denim short jacket is the best start in autumn.

01 When the personality is converged, when the light is precipitated, when the style has been changed again and again, we have the feeling of the denim fabric that it has been quite different. No longer how the publicity of the representative, but also a symbol of a life attitude. Simple with the nature of the intuition, wrapped in a little weak to resist the cool autumn.

02 Fortunately, the denim fabric is willing to accept the reality but not too much to abandon the role of itself, even if the change is normal, but also often remind us of the existence of personality. Bat-sleeve denim jacket, short section lapel, locomotive style of the free and easy feeling, this is the denim of the autumn of praise.

03 Accompanied by our entire spring and summer printing, publicity of the gorgeous fashion and quiet, denim fabric is willing to accept. Short jacket of the spirit to improve the height of the waist to increase the height of the body, it is never picky, a common hole jeans will not let the autumn be boring.

04 Believe it or not the denim fabric can show a fresh romance? Look, there is the existence of embroidery will not be the same. There are many kinds of embroidery styles, choose one of the most delicate and elegant color, and wash the white color of the touch of a chic style, it is the best autumn.

05 The exquisite embroidery and personality on the unique itself is a landscape, so the denim fabric is willing to become a subsidiary. Simple and usual style, long sleeve lapel, which is the most handy with the autumn of the mix. Although it is simple, but no one can ignore the importance of denim fabric.

Seeing these dresses, feeling to buy never stop again

In the busy to the future to the end of the year must have a lot of wishes, the desire of the New Year is safe and happy, let’s refresh the good state to meet the new start with nice wholesale dresses.

01 The most basic style to use the most shining fight color, large box of simple and crude stitching method to reduce messy, the same type of color combined with the basic color plus or minus orange, blue, red wine, still in line with the principle of three colors, bright orange in, not afraid of lost in the haze, other single product selection of basic color like, both echo, can strengthen the overall sense, but also reduce the mess.

02 The same color is rich, but there are key pattern style vividly out, color clowns three-dimensional decoration interpretation of interesting personality is happy and cute, it is suitable for expression of festive atmosphere, can do loose collar and curl word lead the law, let modeling flexibility with the environment, more modern tall, with distinctive features will not obliterate all the clothing.

03 Thin knit dress as the most easy to play the bottom can simply come to a dozen, and the sensible skin color of the lotus root starch is the base color outside the rare good choice, collar bow release sweet retro, the other is still simple, in the warm and cold to achieve a balance between themselves.

04 Pink dress with classic dignified tailoring, only the fabric of the jacquard texture like carved, can be firmly locked in the line of sight, and its luxury gene also makes a small area with the common color appears to be very harmonious,it is a good partner when joining the party.

05 Vest skirt seen a lot of autumn and winter since the take a variety of bottoming shirt is also bored, to avoid the aesthetic fatigue to spell out a sense of design is necessary, this design is the gray color fight V-neck strap, and white primer shirt has a trendy geometric vision.