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Beauty + good clothing= concept

Today, we share a sad reminder Shopping experience: Last summer, I saw a dress in the mall, super like the wholesale fashion dress, although slightly thick, but until the fall, buy a small white coat with a dress, certainly very beautiful , So do not hesitate to pay the payment! Full of joy looking forward to the arrival of the autumn. Results, the autumn came and went, the right white jacket still no trace, dress also heartache give away! Since then, I no longer buy wholesale clothes alone, because a single garment can not interpret its design philosophy and full charm!

01 Childhood is an open book that does not fit, childhood is a journey through the back can not go back, naive age, worry-free spent, eternal memories. Cute cartoon elephant Let us revisit the initial period of pure pure, let us recapture that kind of good!

02 So lovely, so interesting, so harmonious, cute little elephant printing and Peter Pan villain embroidery really meet each other late two friends! Such a beautiful picture must not be destroyed because of some small details, please note that the trousers when wearing jeans.

03 Where is the jacket, T-shirt and pants need you! A white baseball shirt is definitely a wild, personalized patchwork, shiny beads patterns, self-assertive independence without losing the sense of fun.

04 “This is the same feeling of flying. It is the feeling of freedom, flying in the sky full of stars, flying against the wind, with a heart that will never weep and brave.” We are tired of being bound and longing for freedom, but we also have our own dreams and go bravely on the identified paths. Heart graffiti and clear ink outline is our sincere talk.

05 Want to fly? Want to be free? Want to run to the dream? A comfortable pants is indispensable. Breathe cotton stretch selected, 360 degrees free to stretch, wearing a natural comfort zero bound in the way toward the dream, cheering for you.

End of the season clearance

Wholesale fashion dress with a youthful baseball shirt style, with a short jacket even more elegant ladies style. Printed, sequins, beading, tassels, dots, stripes, what is considered, are superfluous existence, exquisite tailoring, the perfect outline, this is the essence of wholesale clothing.

01 Baseball shirts and dresses youthful vitality, short jackets and dresses elegant ladies, you do not like it, then take a look at the long jacket and dress with it. Simple cocoon-shaped contour, a new layer of air, smooth drop sleeve, classic suit lapel, all the time is not blooming dazzling light.

02 Seeing autumn more and more rich flavor, the summer began not calm, and a variety of promotional activities limited time what fun filled, the collection of a summer baby did not want to buy now you can start. Thin chiffon shirt spicy beautiful, even if the season did not have the heart to miss.

03 If you are already a skilled player in the field of scouring clothes, you must be well aware of what kind of clothes you should get right now. Although the temperature began to become larger, but the feeling of heat still exists, visual inspection, a little thicker summer wear at least one month to wear. So why not buy a loss, both pick up the cheap, but also accounted for a big light, why not.

04 Dressed in red fluttering, such as the Spanish passionate girl generally appear in the field of vision, it is simply a landscape painting, style unspeakable. In the past few months, with chiffon really hit too much deal, and now it is about to exit, but also quite a bit sad and nostalgia it.

05 If to such a seasonal product is not very clear, then I can only say: count you powerful. Thin section of the suit vest, wearing summer wear anyway, autumn is also very beautiful, is not a single product posture. However, since the discount, it is properly put away, who can resist cost-effective trading it.

A journey that says goes away at once

Belongs to the Holy Land of Tibet, a midst the misty rain of the Yangtze River, rich ethnic customs of the ancient city of Lijiang, the beautiful scenery of the coastal city of Sanya, do you want to visit the feeling of it? Then in the right weather in September, a journey to say it! A beautiful autumn is naturally the pretty wholesale fashion dress in dressing ultimately.

01 Clever and interesting little orange fox, cute streaky dog, petal pattern delicate buttons, it is clear that you must be a very love of nature’s girl, this trip will not forget your natural, pack up, let’s go together.

02 Girls are always non-resistant to cute things. Childhood full of cartoon deer, can not help but shout “Wow, so lovely cartoon it is, my heart is drunk,” a shining yellow fawn, the first time jumped into the eyes, is to emphasize its protagonist.

03 Letters printing has been playing bad, even so, I have to play a new idea. Double-letter printing, inadvertently blank, so that the tiled letters appeared stand up three-dimensional. Printing, embroidery, patchwork, not the same craft, interpretation of the same fun and trendy.

04 On the way to travel, take a coat trip is your careful performance. Stripe is one of the representative elements of neutral wind, the most suitable fit in the lovers. Striped personality, unique tide, the pretty extraordinary fashion, the way taking pictures will make you more harmonious phase.

05 Dazzling lemon yellow opens a new door for the autumn, allowing you to stand out instantly in the crowd. Happy lemon yellow let people travel together are in a good mood, soft smoky gray to make your affinity more intense, two colors, two styles, easily converted.

Just a long-sleeved day

If you encounter cooling, and occasionally blowing a strong wind, not willing to give up short-sleeved small volume or take the initiative to put on long sleeves to keep warm and warming for themselves. Although the feeling of wearing a long-sleeved autumn dress is very difficult to take off again, but just the long-sleeved days, or to spend the pretty time in wholesale fashion dress is just fine.

01 Daily commuting is actually a very difficult thing for a small roll and it takes almost four hours for a commuter car. Unwittingly occupied the time to go to bed, so dressed and turned to wear good-looking dress. Checked package hip own waist, is suitable for light mature.

02 Five days a week, the dress can not occupy a protagonist position every day, right? Small volume silently thinking, the check shirt drawn out one by one along the color number. Red and white grid, blue and white grid, orange grid, from warm to cool colors, roll up your sleeves to put on pants like.

03 Adults have an advantage, will be ready for season clothing first. In August, the small volume, though less enthusiastic about the new autumn clothes, started with a green and vivid trench coat, and the embroidery double-breasted look beautiful. Then, in September the little roll reaffirmed the windbreaker jacket, got ready early.

04 The shirt collar determines many things, such as the small lapel tradition but the classic but will be too working, small stand-collar look spirit, Peter Pan collar in the small elegance, and the Department will appreciate the soft and beautiful qualities into each knot In full of charm.

05 Running around in daily life, small rolls look forward to If you must find changes in commute money, then fungus and pinch fold can be regarded as one of the most sophisticated changes. Is still white, but the placket at the office done a deliberate treatment, a small collar style does not restrain the neck, chest pinch pleats interpretation of a small shirt little taste, a little like the inherent meaning.

What kind of autumn dress is your food?

As the saying goes: radish or cabbage, each person has the only love. So, the problem is coming, and now autumn points have been, in the end what kind of autumn is your food? It is time to take this matter on the agenda seriously think about wholesale fashion dress, or really too late.

01 This autumn trend do not have to think, certainly non-knitting must go. No matter what time, the seasonal single product is always the most popular, comes with warm attributes of knitting, and in the bleak atmosphere is unusually indispensable. Alone this point, it will not be in the full of autumn in the autumn there are half points less.

02 Cotton and linen texture of the clothes seems to have been more and more close to the summer, but as long as the length to a certain extent, hold the fall is also no problem. Leather pink tops and beige and ankle skirts, literary and artistic thick woman can try it.

03 White shirt must be simple nature of the woman’s food, so that although some too arbitrary, but it is not unreasonable. After all, what kind of people like to wear what kind of clothes, has always been dressing the same law of dress. Not mixed with a trace of variegated design, but have a very smooth lines, but also quite style.

04 Lace and chiffon together is simply a pair of gold partner, how to look how seductive. In particular, this one shirt, the advantages of both show to the most incisive, both lace graceful, and chiffon fresh, in the fall should be regarded as the top style, and do not have one cannot afford empty closet.

05 Do not think that fat women and thin women are completely different two women, even if so, there are also common clothes they can have, that is, cloak and a public cloak style type. Fat wearing a thin, thin wearing a more beautiful, do not pick the body does not pick face, who wear are beautiful.

Without suede inside, how to survive in cold weather?

Tell the truth, in addition to a few areas can be used in a single wholesale fashion dress disdain for the fall, in fact, most of the local women have been in this month have been replaced by a cold plus cashmere bottom. Although the autumn pants sounds to be rustic, but it is super warm.

01 At least from the velvet coat can be seen on the jacket and villi has reached a pleasant relationship, compared to often make people body shock slightly cold windbreaker, suddenly under the rain is not afraid of the hooded jacket, points minutes to get those beautiful beauty to the girls are very strong.

02 Since the beginning of the fall, lace sleep in the quiet manor did not smell the outside sound. Although there is self-care of the beautiful arrogance, but because of the light given the light of the brisk beauty, in order to make the cashmere of the base are quietly dormant up.

03 Do not wear suede pants but leggings still let you feel the ventilation, in addition to inside and wear a primer, there is a simple method, directly put on the cashmere jeans. Stovepipe, of course, do not worry, small legs can also be modified with slim pants.

04 Especially hurry to change clothes in five minutes and then painted on the daily makeup of a long version of the type of cashmere sweater can be in the panic to reduce the inner anxiety. Because they almost do not have to consider the various laws of dressing, plus backing or jeans, their beauty on the line.

05 Can not expect to be thin in a month into a fairy, then the necessary small pants is a commonplace in the closet. Although the middle waist can not be the same as with the high waist stretch ratio, can be added cash itself is not to emphasize this advantage is not it? The key is warm word.

What do you need to show with the winter dress?

Winter wholesale fashion dress where you want to reveal? Neck, clavicle, incense shoulder, navel, legs, for health or careful consideration as appropriate, but the world is so big there will always be warm spring, or in the winter, or in the heating room, and Experienced and constantly cultivate people who will always have the means to meet the wishes of the following eye-catching beauty of the beauty can make the eye to ease the aesthetic fatigue, simply wear a pleasing as a ride is also very type, to see tempted heartless.

01 Beautiful and unique printing filled with rich exotic atmosphere, the perfect combination of national style and modernity, loose version of the type of endless comfort to bring the experience, the word exposed beautiful clavicle exposed slightly sexy, free and easy and romantic, easily become unique in the crowd Scenery, all the way to spring.

02 Micro-strapless for the implicit introverted people will not be too radical, the scale just to pinch, fit tailoring out of the perfect waist, with jeans youth and gas, optional colors can cope with a variety of jackets, red to basic single product Glowing festive atmosphere, instantly shine good mood.

03 Elegant strapless upgrade, the word lead the pinch of the pinch to the extreme at the same time bring some playful, from the back of the collar around the collar of the collar, is the back of the various angles show different styles, eclectic personality, the effect Equal to choker pull neck line, the formation of tailoring cut the shoulder of the impression, rib knitted fabric comfortable without shackles, hanging pearl an elegant finishing point temperament full score.

04 The color of the matte to show the effect of the show, more importantly, the long gone from the exposed umbilical, strapless cool sexy style in this winter refreshing, fashionable type of help with a hand, small collar and color digital printing is icing on the cake.

05 First it gives a simple and generous impression, followed by it gathered a high collar, a word collar, rough twist weaving and other seasonal hot retro fashion elements, and the color is very picky very skin white, from the color of nature wins Feast for the eyes, especially in the summer, especially precious, with the basic tone of the forest-like pure temperament.

Skirt mixed match has interpretation of the office’s early autumn fashion

Autumn is coming, the office girl’s favorite wholesale fashion dress has a new change. Take a scarf, with windbreaker, shirt plus a piece of knitted cardigan or a small suit, playing the interpretation of the office’s early autumn fashion. Season changing, let’s witness the skill about mixed matching of clothing.

01 Army green has very nice texture, with a lotus leaf dark blue slim shirt, soft highlights a lot of skilled taste about working women. Wearing a skirt, with a pair of high heels is an essential criterion, you can show beautiful legs line.

02 Three quarter length of sleeves of beige shirt, fine folds have a little bit of lovely flavor. A white side of the dark blue skirt, having a feeling with common usual plain skirt with an affinity elegance.

03 Very beautiful chiffon shirt with a sense of delicate palace feeling, very luxurious, with simple style skirt or pants, people have a bright feeling. Simple and complex ride to wear a large temperament.

04 White shirt with a decorated metal buttons in the skirt, having a standard working lady’s style, but a skirt with a gradient scarf can make you be outstanding.

05 Workplace can not be lazy, but sometimes just want to steal a little lazy, a set of clothing can be resolved, why take time to pick up two pieces? Packed skirt with a small suit to apricot stitching a small amount of black, the overall style of simple atmosphere, which is lines sense neat, you should be so elegant stand in the workplace.

06 In the summer, the skirt suit will be better than the pants suit, package hip skirt neat tailoring and clean white shirt, outlines the female body curve, shows women soft and stubborn side.



I have V collar to be slim

Round face, said the nice point is the baby face, younger than others for several years, that is difficult to point to say the truth is a big face, accidentally was labeled “fat” label. Weight loss is to have a good body, thin and then thinner, but being thin should have the knowledgeable, wholesale fashion dress in V-neck is the most meaningful.

01 Chinese people in the standard beauty is a slap in the face, delicate and dynamic, and then extend the point is melon face oval face. V-neck can be elongated by lines, to achieve the illusion of little face. The best blue plus white, refreshing difficult to imitate, beach dress want to pass a different feminine taste.

02 Woman is multi-faceted, the color is also multi-faceted, the first time to see the pink majestic shy look also feel the heart of love, this time to see it elegant and elegant side. Irregular cut to the skirt more lotus leaf chic, big V-neck was thin is not contrived.

03 Irregularity is always unexpected, because there is no rule can be full of mystery, but every time you meet you feel so peace of mind, as if it is born so. The beauty of a touch of white need to help the style, or cannot discover the unparalleled pure texture.

04 It is not difficult to find that those banquets on the striking style to V-collar majority, clavicle since the exquisite will show up, increase your feminine. Navy blue temperament should be suitable for any dance or banquet, small and not lose the atmosphere; slim thin mind is not shallow.

05 Courageous women will love the color of Leopard; it is unwilling to silence of self-confidence, sonorous and powerful than men more courage. Pure black wide belt can quickly beam out the waist of the weak, slim sometimes rely on the details of the prosecution, and how the V-neck will be willing to inferior, so hard to highlight the elegant skirt.

What kind of fabric can make you be young?

Want to achieve the effect of reducing age, often using a combination of style and color method in wholesale women clothing, cute and lovely posture is fresh and natural value of the most likely to cause the resonance of age, it is better if can have some small details such as bowknot. Then the problem comes, what kind of fabric can achieve the effect of reducing age?

The answer is of course denim clothing wholesale. Although once was heavy, and no longer trendy, but it is indeed able to reduce the traces of years, to maintain a sense of loneliness. Long T-shirt plus denim skirt, the most popular two-piece wholesale clothes encounter the most classic fabric, do not be strict with the age is a good way to reduce age.

Because the fabric of the unique latitude and longitude, denim skirt can appear in our wholesale fashion dress all year round. Summer has high temperature, denim can use splicing to change the heavy visual effects, which is full of personality and is not so difficult to control.

As an easy-matching fabric, the denim fabric is suitable for the most people. In the world we can see that no matter men, women and children, as long as their own willingness, life can have a denim shadow. Depth of the denim of the collision, irregular stitching, with a white shirt the matching effect is very good, as if the youth has always been with you.