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If the sandals are too ordinary, nothing character can have

For women, the summer is nothing more than three treasures: wear skirts, eat ice-cream, put on a pair of sandals to run on the streets. To July, the former two should have been almost the same experience, only sandals come lately, it is too unpleasant experience. Fortunately, the current style is full of magic, propped up the overall dress to play the personality.

01 The reason why using such a serious tone to describe it, it is because of the special status of sandals. As a seemingly insignificant burden of the existence of the key, in addition to ensure the necessary comfort, the quality of the wholesale high heel shoes do not drag each other, or how be qualified to capture the heart.

02 How far the distance between the two shoes, you can decide by the walking mileage. I believe in the ordinary wage earners of the life of women, every day wearing the high heels in running away could be very few. The reason is self-evident, it is too tired . So the sandals should become a popular choice, casually without any pressure.

03 Saying the trendy, there comes the trendy. Sequins is the best proof. Although most of the time, the impression of sequins are still staying in the vulgar and related to the inherent impression, but still can not deny its inherent glittering characteristics, it comes with light, youth is to have such a nice feeling.

04 On the white color, women know the best design to match it, both to meet the need about the smooth blood circulation of foot, but also play a role in the modification of the legs line. Accompanied by embellished tassels, which is so generous.

05 Some sandals have the appearance of gorgeous, but it is full of suffering “hell” inside, wearing it is not grinding feet but is a variety of uncomfortable feeling. And some have the surface of ordinary without any decoration, but is playing a “paradise”, it will be fortunate to have this sandals.