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Cool and seductive

Know your body to find the most osteopathic parts exposed after all, the wise choice for the selection of wholesale Korean fashion. Flowers and leaves overflowing with the bright summer vitality, nice style also with a lively pretty, minimalist trim straight slim, the gap between the upper and lower loading coupled with the waistline, sexy, the proportion of meet.

01 Water soluble embroidery lace to the sexy waistline to add a fantastic screen, looming every move provoked line of sight, flowers hollow perfect modification of the arm, waist and leg lines, simple and graceful, each inch are engraved exquisite, outstanding temperament.

02 Geometry perspective reveals legs. Simple and elegant classic black and white highlight the stylish temperament temperament, streaks and irregular stitching strutting design, full of personality. Simple shirt thin, striped change is not monotonous fun; Slim fishtail skirt to irregular hem and oblique stripes firmly grasp the eye perspective, distribute charming charm, show a model luster.

03 Arms clavicle legs reveal a new realm. Black and white stripes to awaken the visual, giving the impression of neat, the use of stripes in different directions to extend the extension of a beautiful and exquisite body, it is a touch of nature. Cross-use in the V-neck and skirt full of new ideas, personality can be highlighted, sexy not to be added.

04 Decorative badges and waist buttons, embellished with a neutral wind handsome, so that the overall simple and effective way, the waist was thin aspect, classic color to the more able to contrast the noble temperament, regardless of the height of the fat can be found on the official holiday answer.

05 Clavicle cut back the beautiful back is quite nice, the side fork to liberate his legs. Circular collar exposed clavicle, shoulders and back small area hollowed out exquisite skin, reducing the dull black suit, highlighting the bone sense of the beauty, the waistband decorative waist to give a fresh visual sense, wide side leg irregular striped wide leg pants highlight the trend personality, level type and cool plus.

Autumn is unknown with chic style

Beauty is not too late, the vast land of complex climate come early and late, ready cardigan and jacket to embrace the tender autumn. Knitted cardigan is a refined elegance and popular style weapon and elegant gentle endorsement, simple design wild style, regardless of leisure commuting are favored. Windbreaker and baseball jacket is a classic and beloved classics, in the early autumn ranks of new products in the temperature so new.

01 Very good sense of a mix of black and white red classic tricolor, the basic models excellent combination of high practicality, alcohol is a red cardigan light body shape, bright and beautiful, small fragrance style elegant and comfortable, three-dimensional exquisite lace detail expose the subtle and meticulous character.

02 The basic section of the cardigan due to rich and colorful colors, comfortable wearing sense and has a high collocation and wearing rate, has become the everlasting single-product wardrobe change, casual commuting correct, skirt pants are affordable, use it to look good, full of vitality, natural and pro-response every day.

03 Geometric printing, irregular tailoring wholesale Korean fashion is a flexible and diverse expression of the cardigan, tassels decorate freely romantic romantic exotic, take a simple vest cowboy on the trendy full is still thin, a combination of scarf shawl cardigan charm, charming temperament. The basic color beige, easy and harmonious coordination with other colors.

04 Version of the loose body and sleeves are like hot kimono cardigan style, lively and vivid painted geometric patterns rich imagination, tassels fine flying fit the relaxed mood in the autumn, quite able to interpret the trend of the streets or romantic feelings of the seaside resort, even in the air-conditioned room, its light and colorful can add a touch of free poetic and gentle personality.

05 Slim and clear cardigan is a good shade of summer sun, light and portable, while bringing endless fun, sleeveless, suspenders, printing and so on the wholesale clothing from China can be combined with a layer of modeling played chords, but also to small fat escaping, will be fresh and natural to the extreme, looking seductive and comfortable.