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A little fat woman in high value clothing

Little fat woman to wear large size wholesale women clothes, XL, XXL, etc. should be the usual model. If you remember correctly, before there have been a special satire of such woman’s remarks, criticizing them no future. Fortunately, the turns, the high value of the color is not afraid of the shortcomings of the body, choose the clothes easily solved, just so so.

01 Every woman has the right to beauty. Whether it is fat, thin, tall, short, or beautiful, the purpose of dressing is to create an exclusive beauty dream for the majority of female compatriots. In fact, just a little fat, too thin may seem overly ill, and may not necessarily have a sense of beauty.

02 Some clothes can not be a good place to say, just look at feel inseparable. Like this loose dress, a rather low-key tone, style is quite simple, at first glance, probably even want to see more than one mood, but as long as one more look, it will not be disappointed, especially behind that big bowknot.

03 Although there is a piece of solid color can not afford to addiction, but when you see a variety of colors appear together or no parry, only happy to accept. Since the curve of the body is not exquisite, may wish to divert attention from other aspects to achieve better results, green, red, orange, purple, in a skirt looks good.

04 Bohemian summer blowing seems to be deserved, or else how will there be a summer feeling, elegant and passionate feeling to wear on the body simply no one enemy. If you can add more elaborate small design, then it is perfect too. For example, rather style small shoulder.

05 If there is any picture called classic, it certainly is none other than non-ink painting, if there is any element of cleverness, it certainly is none other than tassels. Bingo, this dress is to meet both conditions at the same time the ultimate winner, there is no reason to reject it unparalleled beauty it, decisively not.


Learn how to wear well makes you be like a rich woman

Speaking of wholesale women clothes, women should be familiar with it, year after year, never out of style, in addition to growing value, the function is also strong to chase the fashion, from time to time a guest jacket , such a high configuration of a single product, who would be willing to refuse?

01 Brown color’s elegance feeling is coming from the inside to the outside, no dress style can bu so elegant, brown connotation also had to temporarily stranded. And leisure but just need something different, not so unscrupulous, but also a little more unique.

02 Golden velvet and baseball suit combination, refreshing leisure. Golden velvet noble and elegant, virtually become a baseball service breakthrough self belief. Chic color attractive luster, leisurely feeling is great.

03 Said a thousand ten thousand times, are not as good as the denim fabric straightforward, you can suddenly let people know what leisure looks like. Ultra-short design, lapel, hem made of wide belt, keep the cowboy’s personality, adding fashion improvement.

04 Peppy style of the temperament leisurely enough, because it can be candy color thing. Reluctant to grow up, not because the longer the control of the color of the ability to control as before, accidentally will be affixed to the tender label, so still take advantage of the autumn to a youthful leisure bar.

05 Do not say that in addition to frozen three feet, or there are fashionable girls place, there must be skirt swaying vividly and beautifully, in fact, concise argument is there is a place where girls have skirts. Yes, polished to find, love to wear a skirt girl more or less heart softly care of every time comfortable and leisurely, whether it is commuting to the street, or travel wave tide, seductive everywhere.

Buy clothing according to fresh and simple matching

Pure white shirt is popular in autumn wear, we all love it. If it has long two pink tender rabbit ears, the heart will be touched. Buy new wholesale women clothes to be rational, fresh and simple is the daily necessary thing.

01 Is the shirt comes with spring? It seems that the rules and regulations are free and easy. Section of the placket dotted with three-dimensional cartoon brooch, the body of the printing is full of fun. Such a shirt even if only take a light-colored jeans can also be invincible youth.

02 Simplicity is not equal to monotonous, fresh and elegant feeling with a smart style will be able to light the entire field of vision. Pure color of the shirt is snow-white, lace is like the curvature of the wind, the same color among the layers of the shirt to become special, sweet retro look like to play endless imagination.

03 Green is vibrant, rose red is beautiful and tender, loose sweater with short paragraph bat-sleeve design, profile full of sense. Love the bubble printing all over the body, touch is three-dimensional. Short paragraph sweater and the same set of high waist skirt is appropriate.

04 Light-colored denim is suitable for sunny spring, light-colored denim pants, whether it is matching with the casual shirt or a nice guy can easily deduce. Hole plus high waist and straight design is charming.

The first choice of these clothes in beautiful season

The temperature is getting more and more pleasant, the scenery is being more and more beautiful, warm sunshine and elegant flowers are people heart up out of the outdoors strong desire, it is also waiting for the action up, choose a sunny day, hanging with three or five friends, but also do not forget to carefully select out for the activities of the wholesale women clothes, when the time to take pictures, easy to embrace the nature, very comfortable.

01 Do not have to consider skirts, to travel is easy to produce too much inconvenience, the impact of our appreciation of the good mood on the spring is too bad, full of vigor and vitality of the baseball coat is no doubt very suitable for travel, tender pink and pure white collision , girl’s lovely atmosphere from the inside to the outside distribution.

02 Denim jacket, of course, is also a good choice, the classic image of the generous people, can not pick any wrong aspect, coupled with the print pattern, the neutral feeling reduced so much, more sort of tenderness and nifty, roll up a sleeves approach can also learn from it, and instantly become very western style.

03 Denim straps born to give people feel infinite and youthful romantic feeling, within the ride with you to pick, whether it is shirt or T-shirt, sweater or cardigans, are so kind, wild single product is always able to make people most vividly to play the ability to dress up, only being various can you create fresh feeling.

04 Do not want to bury the figure curve, the waist of the design of the sweater can highlight the moving waist, relax at the same time did not forget to show slim figure, both sides of the button to break the boring feeling, after all, bright spring is coming, a little more beautiful of the decoration is not exaggerated.

05 Spring sweater is like a small cotton jacket in the winter as intimate and warm, gentle fabric behind and even ease the effect of prudence, bathed in the spring under the sun, free to breathe and run, sweater becomes a unique landscape.

Having girl’s heart in the whole summer

How many women will keep the hearts of girls, like those wholesale women clothes in the closet in the pink color, sweet bubble sleeves and lovely ruffles layer. Yes, it is not suitable for working places, but we are not reluctant to do that girl’s right to be lovely.

01 Choose a single product that is not so pink and not so sweet for this summer, white skirt, because very simple and very creative. Lace flowers and hollow combination, not related to sexy, only some of the gardenia on the imagination.

02 Do not want to try a large area of pink color of the collision, then the printing will be able to meet your color and temperament requirements. Sleeveless skirt is playful for charming little girl  to the interpretation of the round neck waist show a kind of chic pleasant and smart, pink unique use of color will make people never forget it.

03 June is the graduation season, to see those innocent girls who exposed the bright forehead, they have the youthful beauty, really want to go back to the past. Pleated V-neck, the navy style of innocent dress is also very fond of the scenery in June.

04 That year fell in love with the boy, not because he has a car or a house, but because one day he wore a white shirt, having special pure and sincere feeling, in the bright years of extraordinarily precious. Think of you, wearing a loose shirt and skirt, common face, how many people because of this and obsessed with you.

05 Go to the beach, girls have a dream, blue sky and white sky and white clouds, maybe there will be a romantic encounter. Long skirt is graceful, chiffon is romantic, embroidery in exquisite dress to even more style, each one has the blooming face, making romantic people love it so much.

Witty dot is funny

In the large area rich colors, there is a need for some playful and fresh designed elements. Like sour bitter coffee plus one or two candy, adding a strong sense of sweet taste . Nifty dot in wholesale women clothes is a good choice to break the boring feeling about the season, reducing the facial age and bringing different joy from the autumn melancholy mood.

01 Fresh and pure green color matches with the dark blue background to highlight the sweet feeling. The spring will be vigorous and vitality. Showing the fruitful autumn side by side. Thin section of the material, you can wear it in the fall alone, you can also wear it in the winter, it is wild and practical. Cute dots match with high waist dress is the sweet design for young age.

02 Nifty dot combines with the owl cartoon image just like the personally woven sweater by mother, which is full of childlike and love. Irregular dots are scattered in every corner of the clothing, as if one after another insects with the sound weaving a fantasy dream. Light blue, beige, gray and a small amount of red are still fresh and soft.

03 The clothing made by cotton that is scattered with dots seems to be like the feeling that people have a walk in the sun mottled forest. It is full of plant’s fragrance mixed with faint fragrance of the fresh air. Puff sleeve matches with a simple round neck, revealing a well-behaved beautiful girl’s temperament.

04 Fresh and sweet white dot has a certain expansion effect, which is suitable for girl in slim body shape to avoid wearing a thin feeling of malnutrition. Low waist with fold skirt highlights hip curve, it is generous and elegant. Hollow lace and small lapel is well-behaved design.

Clothing In Sweet Design Is Wonderful

I always believe that the light color in wholesale clothing symbolizes the pure nature’s element. Light blue, for example, just like the endless sky blue of the sky, which is clean and clear. Light green, for instance, just like the lively newly born grass, which is nifty and innocent. The annoyance in the hot summer season seems to disappear easily with this and that light colors.

From the perspective of colors, denim blue belongs to blue color, but according to the function, it belongs to the basic color. There is a denim blue in light blue color, which is easy-matching and sweet. Using basic chiffon shirt matches with the light denim blue color can show the female elegant and confident sides exhaustively.

Keeping the natural feeling of the light color, the clever designer show the texture sense of wholesale women clothes through the delicate lace fabric, in the transparent fabric the clothing is showing a slim body line. Having a nice body shape then you should not miss the nice designed clothing to emphasize the slim feeling of yours.

Dots designed pattern in clothing could be simple but very charming. Typical dots are fashionable for decades. It is lovely, and can also reduce the facial age of yours. Clothing in soft fabric with dots printed pattern is necessary for the wardrobe.

Recommendation For Fashionable Clothing

I admit that pure white clothing wholesale is really good, which is very elegant and very charming, it is chic enough to cope with changes in the workplace. But I still love the dark blue to bring the elegant feeling and self-confidence, compared to the white it has much more affinity, this color seems to be much more deterrent, and that kind of feeling belongs to strong woman’s vigorous part.

Light color of the flower printing is nifty, pure and fresh, which can reduce the age very well. However, dark color has enough reason to be in fashionable list of wholesale women clothes. Good-looking and also can stand the dirty part, meanwhile, it can stress the special visual effect.

Through the contrast color of cheap clothes from China you can find the balance point, the dot decoration is willing to participate in such a banquet. Striped decoration of the clothing has visual sense, under the appropriateness of natural design, color collision is chic than you think.

Dark color of the pure and fresh is better than you want to be moving, but also to emphasize the white skin color. Everyone has their own color preference, dark color as everyone can accept, but the dark color also has its own fixed audience, letting them show the different style.