The scenery of autumn and winter

Autumn and winter scenery is endless, even if the nature of some harsh, but without prejudice to our music in which. White pure plus cartoon prints innocent and lovely, and the lower body of the blue side by side. Corresponding is a kind of stress, from writing to music and then dress up, wholesale clothing from China has always been so.

01 Young age dress is a very vague concept; do not know what fashion is also willing to submerge in the heap. However, under the instigation of feminine, we want to try more colors and styles. Dark purple atmosphere graceful in the network yarn and embroidery overlap becomes less important; simply just want to show wonderful scenery.

02 Women are forgetful, so if one day she bought a similar style to go home you does not have to be surprised, because the woman is a repeat privilege. It must be bright colors to express emotions, and pink is one of the best representatives.

03 This gorgeous scenery you remember it? You remember the spring wind of the summer leaves also must remember the autumn of the printing, they did not want to compete for the first, but they like to be recognized feeling.

04 Is a skirt or windbreaker, really silly cannot tell. Cannot tell how, dress is originally very vague concept, there are many common style between the style of the military and the graceful beauty of the woman, good scenery becomes very simple, it is worth remembering.

05 I believe there are a lot of people like me, like travel alone, in their own travel in addition to harvest the scenery on the road, but also purify the mind. Aimlessly walk in the streets of strange, met an unexpected encounter; or to find a quiet place, quiet feeling of the flow of time.



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