Time to freeze the beautiful moment in clothes

Every wonderful scene, every moving picture, want to record it, so that time freeze in the beautiful moment. Leaves no longer obsessed with the high branches of the tree, the tree unable to retain the leaves of the left, our vision gradually no leaves, only the solitary branches. So, we put the leaves into the wholesale clothes, with jacquard way to stop it, a retro art is filled with the atmosphere.

01 Travel, to the ethnic minorities, naturally we must do as the Romans. In the sleeves to add ethnic customs of color yarn jacquard, simple and low-key and has a unique, not only make you feel beautiful every day, but also can help you more quickly into the local people.

02 In the sweater hit color, jacquard, plus tassels and so see more, but the lovely doll head you seen it? The black and white lovely doll head and pure broken red together, fun and personality, big and wild, wearing a autumn and winter the most common black jacket, can bring out the sweater bright.

03 Do not like too much decoration, just like the most simple and beautiful, it may wish to look at this sets of sweater it. Intoxicated wine red fashion elegant and feminine charm, ultra-short version of the type, with high waist skirt or high waist pants, have to adjust the proportion of the body, to create a model body effects.

04 See the love of things, always can not help but come up with a cell phone to take a photo. The square side of the clothes printed like a frame, to help you freeze the beautiful moment down. In addition, A-shape Korean version of your fashion at the same time also blocked the waist and abdomen of the small meat, was thin effect absolute bar.


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