What kind of autumn dress is your food?

As the saying goes: radish or cabbage, each person has the only love. So, the problem is coming, and now autumn points have been, in the end what kind of autumn is your food? It is time to take this matter on the agenda seriously think about wholesale fashion dress, or really too late.

01 This autumn trend do not have to think, certainly non-knitting must go. No matter what time, the seasonal single product is always the most popular, comes with warm attributes of knitting, and in the bleak atmosphere is unusually indispensable. Alone this point, it will not be in the full of autumn in the autumn there are half points less.

02 Cotton and linen texture of the clothes seems to have been more and more close to the summer, but as long as the length to a certain extent, hold the fall is also no problem. Leather pink tops and beige and ankle skirts, literary and artistic thick woman can try it.

03 White shirt must be simple nature of the woman’s food, so that although some too arbitrary, but it is not unreasonable. After all, what kind of people like to wear what kind of clothes, has always been dressing the same law of dress. Not mixed with a trace of variegated design, but have a very smooth lines, but also quite style.

04 Lace and chiffon together is simply a pair of gold partner, how to look how seductive. In particular, this one shirt, the advantages of both show to the most incisive, both lace graceful, and chiffon fresh, in the fall should be regarded as the top style, and do not have one cannot afford empty closet.

05 Do not think that fat women and thin women are completely different two women, even if so, there are also common clothes they can have, that is, cloak and a public cloak style type. Fat wearing a thin, thin wearing a more beautiful, do not pick the body does not pick face, who wear are beautiful.


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