Without suede inside, how to survive in cold weather?

Tell the truth, in addition to a few areas can be used in a single wholesale fashion dress disdain for the fall, in fact, most of the local women have been in this month have been replaced by a cold plus cashmere bottom. Although the autumn pants sounds to be rustic, but it is super warm.

01 At least from the velvet coat can be seen on the jacket and villi has reached a pleasant relationship, compared to often make people body shock slightly cold windbreaker, suddenly under the rain is not afraid of the hooded jacket, points minutes to get those beautiful beauty to the girls are very strong.

02 Since the beginning of the fall, lace sleep in the quiet manor did not smell the outside sound. Although there is self-care of the beautiful arrogance, but because of the light given the light of the brisk beauty, in order to make the cashmere of the base are quietly dormant up.

03 Do not wear suede pants but leggings still let you feel the ventilation, in addition to inside and wear a primer, there is a simple method, directly put on the cashmere jeans. Stovepipe, of course, do not worry, small legs can also be modified with slim pants.

04 Especially hurry to change clothes in five minutes and then painted on the daily makeup of a long version of the type of cashmere sweater can be in the panic to reduce the inner anxiety. Because they almost do not have to consider the various laws of dressing, plus backing or jeans, their beauty on the line.

05 Can not expect to be thin in a month into a fairy, then the necessary small pants is a commonplace in the closet. Although the middle waist can not be the same as with the high waist stretch ratio, can be added cash itself is not to emphasize this advantage is not it? The key is warm word.


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